Pinot Perks Terms of Use

General Pinot Perks Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

These General Pinot Perks Rewards Program Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) of the Pinot Perks Rewards Program (“Pinot Perks”) are designed to ensure members of Pinot Perks (“Members”) receive credit for their Pinot Perks rewards, including Corks, Perks, Levels, and any special offers (collectively, the “Rewards”). To join Pinot Perks and become a Member, please register online or at any Pinot’s Palette location with the same email account used when making class reservations.

Pinot’s Palette Franchise LLC, its franchise studios, affiliated companies, and its authorized agents, employees and assignees (collectively, “Pinot’s Palette”) may, in its sole discretion, change the Pinot Perks rules, regulations, and Rewards at any time with or without notice. The accumulation of Rewards does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to such Rewards.

In accumulating Corks, Members should not rely upon the continued availability of any Perk or Level. Members may not be able to obtain all offered Rewards for all destinations or classes.

Rewards may be withdrawn or subject to increased requirements or new restrictions at any time by Pinot’s Palette (the “Modifications”). The Modifications include, but are not limited to (i) withdrawing, limiting, modifying, or canceling any Rewards; (ii) changing participant affiliations, conditions of participation, and rules for earning, redeeming, or retaining Rewards; (iii) adding class restriction dates; and (iv) otherwise restricting the continued availability of Rewards.

Pinot’s Palette may make any of the Modifications at any time even though such Modifications may affect the member’s ability to use the Rewards that the member has already accumulated. Pinot’s Palette reserves the right to end Pinot Perks without notice.

Members must have point-earning activity once every calendar year in order to retain their Level by redeeming their Corks at any eligible Pinot’s Palette (“Qualifying Activity”). If the Member’s account has no Qualifying Activity in a calendar year, all Corks in the account will expire. Each Qualifying Activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired Corks in the Member’s account through the remaining calendar year from the date of the Qualifying Activity.

Pinot Perks is an individual-oriented program. Members’ point summaries will be connected to the email address, name, and assigned customer number, as applicable, provided by the Member during registration. Rewards cannot be shared with any other Member or account.

Pinot’s Palette may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time, without notice. To update, Pinot’s Palette will post the new Terms and Conditions at Pinot’s Palette encourages Members to regularly check these Terms and Conditions for any updates or changes in order to understand the Member’s rights, responsibilities, and status under Pinot Perks.

Members may view their account status on

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.

Collecting Corks

To ensure Members receive credit for the Rewards, please register with the same email address, name and/or assigned customer number as was used originally in the registration process. Members may track their summary online at

Corks may be collected or accrued in the following ways:

Signing up for Pinot Perks
– Upon registering for Pinot Perks, you will receive one (1) cork. You must validate your email address in order to receive your cork.

Purchasing any products or services at Pinot’s Palette
– By purchasing any product or service at Pinot’s Palette you will receive corks. The total amount spent will determine the amount of corks received.  

$30 - $99.99 = 1 cork 
$100 - $199.99 = 2 corks
$200 + = 3 corks
There is a maximum of three (3) purchase corks earned per event. 
Referring customers to Pinot’s Palette – For every referral who registers for Pinot Perks, you will receive one (1) cork. Maximum (3) referral corks per member. 
Attend a class! – After you attend a class for which you are registered, you will receive one (1) attendance cork. 

Members are responsible for ensuring that their Rewards collected or accrued are properly credited. If Members believe that Corks have been collected but not properly credited, Members may be required to submit documentation or other proof satisfactory to Pinot’s Palette, which may include copies of receipts. Any claim for uncredited Corks must be received by Pinot’s Palette within two (2) months after the Reward was earned.

Redeeming Corks for Perks

Pinot’s Palette assumes no responsibility, and is not liable for, any unauthorized access by third parties to a Member’s account and/or account information, including, but not limited to, any unauthorized Reward transaction made from the account. Pinot’s Palette assumes no obligation or duty to re-credit any unauthorized Corks withdrawal made by third parties; however, Pinot’s Palette reserves the right to review, in its sole discretion, requests for re-crediting unauthorized point withdrawals provided such request is made to Pinot’s Palette within three (3) months of the unauthorized withdrawal.

Classes purchased through a daily deal site, including, but not limited to, Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local, will not credit Corks to your account.

Rewards may not be redeemed at Painting It Forward fundraising events, Specialty Events, or Private Parties. Perks redeemed for Free Studio Events are good up to a $55 value.

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