Pinot Perks® FAQs

How do I become a Pinot Perks Rewards Program member?

Visit to sign up!

Is there a Pinot Perks card?

Yes, there is a Pinot Perks card. You can pick one up at your local studio.

What are Corks?

Virtual Corks are the Pinot Perks currency. Collect enough Corks and to move up to the Collector or Connoisseur Levels.

I have questions concerning my Pinot Perks membership. Where do I go?

Visit, go to the tab for Pinot Perks members and log in. The Pinot Perks tab includes your current balance, history and other account information. If you still have questions, please contact us at

How often is my account information updated?

Your account information is updated automatically when you make a purchase.

How can I collect Corks?

Collect Corks by registering for Pinot Perks, making purchases at a Pinot's Palette and by referring your friends.

How do I collect my Corks when I register for an event?

Your membership and account is tied to your email address. As long as you sign in with the email you signed up with, our system will track and add your Corks to your account.

If I purchase an event for another person, who receives the Corks?

Corks can be earned for purchases and for attending an event, so as long as both guests are members, they can earn Corks.

What if I have been to several events after the Pinot Perks program was available, and was not yet a member, can I collect Corks from previous events?

Yes. You will receive your Corks by going into your account, entering the order number or confirmation code. Once verified we can add your Corks! Please note we are only able to go back to the classes from the past 90 days to give you credit.

I don't see my Corks in my account?

If you registered with another email than the one you supplied at registration, the Corks will not be reflected in your account.

Where do I locate the rules for collecting Corks and earning Perks?

See our Pinot Perks Rewards Program Terms and Conditions on the Pinot Perks web page.

How many corks can I earn for referring friends to the Pinot Perks program?

You can earn up to three referral corks.

How do I make a reservation for more than one person using more than one Pinot Perks account?

You will want to enter each Pinot Perks account email address in the Painter Information section when you are checking out.

Can I transfer or donate my Corks to someone else?

No, at this time Corks cannot be donated or given to a third party.

Will I still get my Corks if I cancel my reservation?

Your Corks are tied with each transaction; if the transaction is cancelled or refunded so are your Corks.

I purchased my class through a third party website (such as Groupon, Living Social) why don't I see my Corks reflected?

You will only receive a Purchase Cork when purchasing events or merchandise through, the Pinot's Palette iPhone app or through a local studio. You will receive an Attendance Cork as long as you enter your Pinot Perks email address when registering for the event.

Will I earn corks when using Gift Certificates?

Purchase Corks will be earned by the person who purchases the Gift Certificates. Purchase Corks are not earned when redeeming Gift Certificates.

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