Virtual Private Parties - How It Works

How To Book

For our private virtual events, we do not collect a deposit, but you can contact us via email ( to secure a pickup date and time for the kits. We also can ship kits should you want to get them to those out of town guests.


With our private virtual events, we collect payment for all the kits prior to pickup. We also can ship kits should you want to get them to those out of town guests.

We do not collect any deposits for our private virtual events, and there are no minimums or maximums, but kits are paid for prior to pickup.

While we do not collect a deposit prior to a private virtual event, we do collect the payment of the kits ordered prior to pickup.

What's Included

We want your event to be fun, organized and effortless. We provide you with all the supplies needed for a party, including our helpful artist(s) to host and guide your guests through the event. We include...

Private Party Room

A link to watch your own artist walk you through step-by-step on how to create your masterpiece in your own home, office, or anywhere with an internet connection!

Art Supplies

Canvases, brushes, paints, palettes, and paper towels. We also recommend clothes that you can get paint on, it does stain!

Professional Instruction

Our instructors are professional artists themselves, and they are well-trained in making the painting process simple and enjoyable for painters of all skill levels. Everyone gets step-by-step instructions at a comfortable pace. Or feel free to pause, rewind or stop our link to move at whatever pace works for your group.

Food And Drinks

The party is at your favorite place, so feel free to have as much or as little as you'd like. We won't judge!

Event Details

We will arrange a pickup time prior to your event, and if you need items shipped, we can work with that as well.

Painting Selection

We will have a list of virtual painting options for you to pick from! Just email us for more info at

You don't have to choose a painting in order to book an event, but the final selection must be confirmed prior to any kits being made.

Our painting library is huge! If you need assistance choosing the right painting for your group, just get in touch with us. We've hosted quite a few events and can help you narrow it down.

Ready To Get Started?

We look forward to working with you to put together your next party! It's simple and easy so let's get started!

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