Picasso's Mirror

Thursday, July 13

9:00 - 12:00PM


per painter

Inspired by Picasso's famed masterpiece, you'll love this modern design and its vivid colors.

Art Enrichment Camp Ages 10+ and adults welcome too! Picasso Series I. Drop off at 8:45 am. Pick up 12 noon.

Join us this summer for our expressive and academic art classes for creative artists. Pop Art, Impressionism, Abstract Art!

Each week we will explore 3 different Masters over 3 classes covering art history, brush techniques, painting one of the more famous pieces and then painting individual interpretation of each different master! Our team of skilled artists will take your budding artist to new artistic levels using both an academic approach and the exploration of different painting techniques.

For each class, the artists will paint a master and then, they will create their own interpretation of that master! (2 canvases per class). A peanut free snack, juice or Poland Spring water will be served.