Corporate team building events in Dulles

Let's get creative! Paint and sip with your team. In person, virtually or a combination, we can make it happen for you. CONTACT OUR TEAM BUILDING SPECIALIST 703.796.0616 NOT your everyday Zoom meeting or typical team building, it's a party!

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Benefits of Team Building Events

There's a strong correlation between employee retention and the quality of team relationships. The fun and easygoing nature of paint and sip is great for team bonding. It also relieves stress! Paint and sip together, or just paint.

Our team will enthusiastically help yours enjoy the experience. From planning the event to taking pictures of your masterpieces, your event will be custom tailored for your group. There is something awesome about being creative and social that brings a group of co-workers together. No art experience needed!

Everyone will enjoy the fun atmosphere for an energetic team building activity or relaxed social team bonding experience. Imagine a team building event that your team wants to attend! You might make it a regular activity.

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Choose Your Activity

Our team building specialist will help design the best activity for your team. We offer many options from a structured format to relaxed team bonding.

  • Jigsaw Painting

    Jigsaw Painting

    Each painter paints a "piece" of the Final painting. Our team will coordinate the puzzle in advance to ensure a beautiful final masterpiece. All will work together to match the canvasses. Putting it all together at the end is simply magical!

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  • Classic Paint and Sip

    Classic Paint & Sip

    This option is all about socializing. Our professionally trained artist will guide everyone step-by-step to create the selected painting. The team building just happens naturally.

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  • Mystery


    Paint and sip while practicing trust and focus. Only the artist knows what the painting is. Have some fun trying to figure it out while you paint.

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  • Collaborative


    Work together on a larger canvas. Great for smaller groups or as an added activity to meetings, festivals, trade shows and more.

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  • Self-Guided


    Guests paint a small canvas at their leisure, using printed directions. This works well for groups who have limited time for painting.

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  • Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs

    Just like musical chairs from childhood- only way more fun! Start on one canvas, then take your "sip" and when the music stops, your next step is painted on another canvas...

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Choose A Painting

You can choose a painting from our extensive painting library. Keep in mind any colors can be customized too. We can create a custom painting for too.

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Are we bringing the art and fun to you or will your team come to our up-scale studio in Herndon? Contact us to get a date and time reserved.

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Your Event

Team building is our favorite! We are happy to help you choose the best activity and painting for your event. Call us 703.796.0616 or email

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We will have everything set up and ready for your team. All you need to do is show up and enjoy! Simple and fun.

How Can We Help?

We're here to make your events special for everyone. And we're used to accommodating unique scenarios! Feel free to email us or give us a call so we can create the right experience for your group.

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