Corporate team building events in Alameda

These events encourage creativity, teamwork and fun – no art experience needed! Count on a well-organized, upscale in studio 3-hour event from 15 to 46 guests. We include 30 minutes before and after your 2-hour painting session.

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Benefits of Team Building Events

There's a strong correlation between employee retention and the quality of team relationships. The fun and easygoing nature of paint and sip is great for team bonding. It also relieves stress! Paint and sip together, or just paint – the team building benefits are the same.

For companies, group painting has a hidden benefit: It encourages team members' brains to work in new ways, and jump-starts creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Leave the stress and deadlines at the office behind and have some fun together in an upscale, relaxed environment.

At Pinot's Palette, we're flexible, detail-oriented and offer a variety of turnkey options. Our team building events are easily and frequently adapted for client appreciation, fundraising and office holiday parties. Additional time and meeting facilities available along with your painting class.

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Choose Your Activity

There are lots of ways to get your team involved and excited while painting! Set the tone of the event with the right activity for your group. Everyone can paint and we are fully ADA compliant so it is a level playing field for all. Please note all participants must be 21 or over.

  • Jigsaw Painting

    Jigsaw Painting

    Your team works on individual canvases, but must work closely together to make sure their canvases line up to create a mural. How cool is that for an office wall? Ask us about assembling and framing your final masterpiece. (Additional fee and 4 week's advance notice required.)

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  • Classic Paint and Sip

    Classic Paint & Sip

    This option is all about socializing. Our professionally trained artist will guide everyone step-by-step to create the painting you selected from our vast library. We assume no one has picked up a paintbrush since grade school. Everyone leaves with their own masterpiece.

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  • Mystery


    Paint and sip while practicing trust and focus. Follow our artist's directions without knowing what the finished painting will be. We're happy to help with the selection of your painting to make this mystery event successful and fun for everyone.

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  • Collaborative


    Team members contribute to large shared canvases and must work together. An artist walks everyone step-by-step through the painting. Like competition? Teams create and then vote on the best painting. Always a fun addition to galas, networking events and auctions!

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  • Self-Guided


    Guests paint a small canvas at their leisure, using printed directions. Great activity if your group needs more time for mingling or presentations! We have a special selection of self-guided paintings to choose from. Additional time and meeting facilities available along with your painting class.

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  • Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs

    Team members move from canvas to canvas, creating shared works of art. You start at one canvas and during the session move around the room until you end up back at your original seat for final touches to the painting. Talk about a team effort! Create a gallery in your company hall.

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Choose A Painting

You can choose a painting from our extensive painting library or design your own! We'll work with you to create a custom painting that represents your team, event theme or company brand. (Additional fee and minimum of 4 week's advance notice required for custom paintings.)

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Tell us what date and time you'd like to hold your event. Once we confirm availability, you can officially book with a $250 deposit. We have everything you need at our 6' buffet if you wish to cater or ask us about local restaurants to visit before or after your event.

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Your Event

Choose your painting and activity type. Not sure? We'll help you find the best option. Then, invite guests using our digital party planner. Our bar features local wines, craft beer on tap as well as non-alcoholic selections. Bar options include: hosted bar, drink tickets, or individual.

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Have Fun

All your guests have to do is show up – we'll take care of the rest! All our private events include 3-hours of studio time, 30 minutes before and after your 2-hour painting session for mingling, awards or company messaging. A fun and engaging team event that everyone will be talking about.

How Can We Help?

We're here to make your events special for everyone. And we're used to accommodating unique scenarios! Feel free to email us or give us a call so we can create the right experience for your group.

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