Caricature Self Portrait

Saturday, March 10

1:00 - 3:00PM


per painter

A caricature self-portrait of the artist! This piece consists of a marker drawing and an optional coloring step. The first steps are for understanding the fundamentals of cartooning, while the second half of the class is for creating the face. NOTE: this is a self-portrait, meaning this face drawn is just an example. Every artist will draw their own self-portrait. The materials include pencils, Crayola black fine tip markers (one per artist), at least 11x14 white paper of a minimum 65 lb. weight, scrap paper, and optional woodless colored pencils/art sticks (flesh tones are most important). These are the typical materials for a caricature. Also remember flat open poly bags to put their finished caricatures in, with at least an inch extra on each side to allow the paper to fit comfortably. These items can be found on Amazon.

Introduction to Caricature and Cartooning, Ages 13+. Learn the art of caricature and creating an exaggerated cartoon-like picture of a recognizable face. Concepts that are covered: exaggeration and distortion in portraits, cartoon and cartoon strip techniques and historical use of caricature. Bring cartoons to life! We will guide you through the basics of cartooning techniques, including color and perspective, cartoon layouts, head & eyes, facial expressions and the use of animals and birds in cartoons.

All supples are included!