Open Studio at Pinot's Palette

Wednesday, December 29

3:00 - 5:00PM

Class Details

It's an Open Studio at Pinot's Palette today.

Our open studio time is set aside for our Guests to enjoy or explore new painting ideas without the mess at home. Enjoy a beverage from the bar, grab a canvas, pour some paints and relax!
No advance registration is required unless you have a party of 6 or more. Please call in advance directly to the studio at 657-227-9499.
Kids 10+ are welcome with an adult.
Costs: Kids (10-13) $10.00
All Others (14+) $15.00
What's included. One small 11x14-inch canvas, use of our materials and aprons for 2 hours. Staff will be on hand to assist you getting started. No full instruction provided.
As per our regular classes, outside food is welcomed. No outside beverages of any type are permitted. The 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM timeframe will be strictly observed due to nightly public classes.

The Perfect Night Out

Enjoy drinks, upbeat music and hanging out with your favorite people while you paint! It's as fun for first-time painters as it is for experienced artists.

  • Fun Atmosphere

    From the moment you walk in, the mood is light, the music is fun and the conversation comes easy!

  • Easy to Do

    You don't need to be a seasoned painter — we make it easy for everyone to find their inner artist!

  • sit together icon

    Sit Together

    You'll get seats with all your friends, even if you book separately. Just tell us your friends' names when you register.

  • painting choices icon

    Paint Your Way

    There's no rule that says you have to follow the artist's steps. It's your art, so paint it however you like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs to learn more about what to expect from your Pinot's Palette experience or feel free to call the studio to speak to a member of our staff.

  • Do we have to wear a mask at all times?

    The short answer is no. HOWEVER, each guest must have a mask upon entry to the venue. Guests will not be permitted to enter the venue without a mask. Failure to wear a mask is grounds for immediate removal from the venue. When outdoors on the patio, wearing a mask is voluntary. When entering the building to utilize the facilities in any capacity, all guests must wear their mask. We aren't tyrants, but we respect your safety. And you should respect other people's safety as well.

  • How do you handle social distancing during the pandemic for your patio events?

    In short, we could fit over 40 guests under our tent, but we have chosen to limit all events to no more than 30 guests. We have found that this is a good number to ensure a measured 6 feet of distance from your neighboring guests. Our patio offers nearly 800 square feet of space and is open on 3 of the four sides allowing for adequate air flow, it is well lit, will retain heat in cooler weather, and will keep you covered from rain or a heavy breeze. It's actually a nice, quaint ambience.

  • What's up due to your COVID closures? What can you guys do? What's being offered?

    In short, we are doing whatever we are permitted to do in accordance with State and Local authorities. We're limited on in-studio classes, and we've eliminated Mobile Events altogether. Take-Home Paint Kits are the next best option as well as virtual events. We are also targeting outdoor events at Bella Terra beginning in August.

  • What are your policies during COVID closures or restrictions on services?

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, mandated government closures may result in class venue or style to be changed or cancelled with little to no notice. This is beyond our control. We do reserve the right to modify our class style and location as we see fit and in accordance with any State or Local government requirements or mandates. Classes may be modified up to two hours before an event to any one of the following styles: 1. Moved to the outdoor Beer Garden at Bella Terra; 2. Changed to a Take-Home DIY Kit, or: 3. Take-Home Kit With Virtual Class (via Live Streaming). Class credits or full refunds are only considered and offered in the event of any class cancellation. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! For all other cancellations please understand that these events are considered “live” events and all materials and staffing are scheduled in advance of each class. No refunds will be granted regardless of the situation. Class credits may be obtained by contacting our studio a minimum of 48 hours in advance. All seats are transferable (at no charge), but you must contact us at least 3 hours in advance of your event to change the name(s) of any attendees. No-Shows result in NO class credit regardless of circumstances. All classes are 18+ unless noted as a Family Day Event (or other designation) on our Calendar. Family Days suggested minimum age is 9+. Please view the Event Calendar on our main website for additional information.

  • What precautions have you taken to ensure the safety of Guests and Staff during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    We have taken every precaution necessary to ensure both our Guests and Staff remain safe from the COVID virus inside the studio. From Sanitizer Stations, Hand-Washing Stations, sanitized tables and chairs, freshly laundered aprons for each class and all Staff are utilizing safety masks and gloves when in specific contact with guests, food or beverages. Our bulletin board is posted with all current information in full guest view within the studio and our Staff underwent a two-hour training on safety and sanitation in the workplace.

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