Little Brushes

Love Spell

Wednesday, August 2

8:30 - 12:30PM


per painter

The spell can only be lifted when you find your true love!

Join us for the day . Great for kids ages 7-16
This week's theme is Fantastically Beasts and How to Paint Them
Call us to reserve the entire week at 919-391-0258 (a $20 savings)

Your Kids will enjoy:
• Welcoming activity
• Art each day with weekly painting themes
• Collaborative drawing
• Unique weekly activities
• Snack break

Our kids camp instructor, Erica is an elementary school teacher and is current in CPR, diabetes, seizure, epi-pen and other first aid related procedures. Your kids will have lots of fun and be in good hands!

Little Brushes:
A special painting class for kids! All the fun of a regular paint party, but set up specifically for little hands. Contact our studio for full details.