No Art Skills Required: Artist Training

Are you more comfortable staring at a Picasso or a spreadsheet? Potential Pinot’s Palette franchisees sometimes worry that the success of their business depends on their own creativity.No need to worry: We don’t all have innate artistic ability, and that’s okay! In fact, it may surprise you to learn that many Pinot’s Palette franchisees had scarcely picked up a paintbrush before opening a paint and sip studio.While franchisee success is not dependent on artistic ability, that doesn’t mean you [...]

Customer Service Center

Pinot’s Palette Customer Service Center

Smartphones allow customers to research any business in seconds, make purchases on impulse, and send reviews around the world at the click of a button. And as attention spans grow shorter, customers demand immediate response. Gone are the days when a customer would wait patiently for a call back. Today they’ll just book somewhere else, even if that means going to a lower-quality competitor. This report by HubSpot reveals how customer service has changed over the past decade.Pinot’s Palette [...]

Canvas Connections

“Canvas Connections” Sessions to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

Loneliness is an epidemic spreading across America. Only about half of Americans say they have meaningful face-to-face social interactions with friends. Women seem to be suffering solo the most.Now one local business is launching a new crusade to fight the spate of seclusion with a special focus on females.Pinot’s Palette, a local paint and sip studio, is hosting Girl Power painting sessions called “Canvas Connections” throughout the month of August to strengthen the bonds of female friendships. The paint [...]

Seek Opportunities

Pinot’s Palette Core Value: Seek Opportunities

When you step into a Pinot’s Palette paint and sip studio, you find a consistently fun atmosphere and excellent customer service. This doesn’t happen by chance. Pinot’s Palette has five core values that direct the way we do business and ensure consistent customer experience between studios:Have Fun Serve Energetically Expect Excellence Seek Opportunities GritWe expect all employees, franchisees, and candidates affiliated with Pinot’s Palette to enact our values. Holding tight to these values makes our company culture what [...]

Franchise Relationship Manager

Benefits of a Franchise Relationship Manager

When people think about opening a Pinot’s Palette, they can picture the benefits—the community connection, the excitement of providing an entertaining space, the freedom to set their own schedule, and the expansion opportunities. But they may also dwell on worries and insecurities about getting a new business off the ground. It’s an understandable hesitation, but paint and sip franchise Pinot’s Palette doesn’t leave their franchisees to stumble through this process. Pinot’s Palette created an entire corporate role to walk [...]

Pinot's Palette Formula for Love

Pinot’s Palette Holds the Formula for Love

Many couples are looking for ways to reconnect in our tech-centered, hectic world, where isolation, stress, and 24/7 work can cause even the most committed partners to drift apart. The solution might be simpler than you think. Could a simple date-night activity like painting actually improve your relationship with your partner?Science says absolutely. A Baylor University study shows that levels of oxytocin, “the love hormone,” skyrocket when couples paint together. As far-fetched as that premise may sound, it’s actually [...]

Project Pet National Pet Month

Project Pet Classes for National Pet Month

Sit. Stay. Paint. Just in time for National Pet Month in May, the local Pinot’s Palette, the premier paint and sip studio, is hosting Project Pet — an entire class dedicated to helping people paint a portrait of their pet.Project Pet gives pet parents the op-paw-tunity to honor their furry, feathered, or finned friends in a very fetching way.Corey Beth from Pinot’s Palette Memorial City explains to CW39 Houston, “When you come in we're going to help you do [...]

Pinot’s Palette Marks Major Business Milestone

(May 2019) Pinot’s Palette, the nation’s premier paint and sip franchise, marks its 10th anniversary this month.Founded in 2009 by Beth and Charles Willis and Craig Ceccanti, the franchise has grown to 141 studios across the United States and Canada and has turned the entrepreneurial dreams of more than 190 people into reality. The franchise is also one of the largest employers of professional artists, who serve as class instructors.“When we started, I never could have imagined sharing a [...]

Inventory Wine

How Do I Inventory Wine For My Studio’s Bar?

Choosing the ideal wines for your customers is a key part of a perfect night out, and part of Pinot’s Palette’s wine and paint franchise business model. You have to take things such as price, tastes and seasonality into account. Regionalization also plays a role – if your studio is in a wine region, there may be more loyalty to local boutique brands. Finally, state and local regulations may play a role, especially with how you are required to [...]

Disconnect to Reconnect for the Month of February at Pinot’s Palette

When it comes to your cell phone or your sweetheart – which one would you choose? If you prefer screen time over true face time, you may be falling in the technology trap. Recent research on cellphones and the impact on romantic relationships signals trouble for couples.Just in time for Valentine’s, Pinot's Palette is leading the crusade to encourage couples to disconnect to reconnect and create art for the heart. It’s a month of digital detox date nights and [...]