Little Brushes: Kids Camp!

Monday, July 24

9:00 - 12:00PM


per painter

Little Brushes Kids Camp - Come join the fun!!

Social Passport “Etiquette for everyday life”: (Ages 7 to 12) July 24th through July 28th.
Bring a Sibling or Friend and get a $10 discount! Enter Promo Code: BUDDY at check out. Call us about the multiple camp discount.
This camp will strengthen and reinforce everyday etiquette skills to help children become more self-confident, courteous, social and civically savvy in a FUN and interactive way!! The kids will learn how to react and respond in different social settings. They will learn about table etiquette and social media etiquette as well. A book on etiquette is included as well! Our camp will be facilitated using creative active learning strategies while making the experience fun and memorable. The children will also create their very own fun personal arts/crafts that will convey the strength and beauty in each one of them!!