Froggy State of Mind

Monday, September 11

7:00 - 9:00PM


per painter

Frogs can symbolize cleansing, adaptation and ancient wisdom. With the buzz of the world around you, can you get into your froggy state of mind?

Join us for a new concept, integrating a chair/standing yoga flow class into a painting class (no mats required)!
The yoga will consist of 4 parts: an opening to release tension, a moon salutation to inspire creativity and calm, a balancing series to help with flexibility and strength, and a closing that will help further reduce stress and tension. Each part will use either the chair or standing space. (We're a BYOB studio - so bring your own snacks and pick up a bottle of wine next door at Beyond Napa! Wine glasses, ice, bottled water, plates, napkins and utensils provided.)