Family Day Event

Friday, April 6

11:30 - 6:00PM


per painter

Family Day! Join us for an all-ages event!

Family Day! Join us for an all-ages event!
Freestyle Afternoons are designed for people looking for some unstructured creative things to do individually or with friends and family. We have over 50 paintings with written "self-guided" instructions to help you create your personal masterpiece on a 10"x10" canvas.
If you have some prior art experience or just like to try new things, you are welcome to paint anything in our studio that catches your fancy but instructions are only provided for the designated 10"x10" paintings.
View all Open Studio painting options at: https://www..../open-studio. We have a great variety of paintings suitable for adults and children alike. There is no age restriction so the whole family is welcome to paint but children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
Prices start at $20 per person for a 10"x10" canvas. Sorry, no discounts on this class. Upgrade to 16” X 20” canvas for just $35.00. If your group is larger than 3 people, please let us know which paintings you would like to paint from our self-guided painting list, so we can have your painting station ready for you!