Saturday, November 4

3:30 - 6:30PM


per painter

Painting by Deaf Artist Nancy Rourke

Class taught by Sign Language only. Paint with Deaf Artist Nancy Rourke at this special event. Cash bar. Snacks will be provided. NO REFUNDS

The LOVE painting was first painted in 2010 and was inspired by Robert Indiana who did the LOVE sculpture, with the famous O being tilted. So, I did the fingerspelling from my own hand, and made a painting LOVE, with the finger spelled O being tilted.

Pinot’s Palette is a pioneer of the paint and sip experience – a revolutionary way to enjoy art and wine, meet new people and bond with friends.
Guests enjoy a no-experience-required art class—all supplies included—directed by trained, local artists, who guide guests step-by-step through a featured painting.
The more the merrier, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!
You may arrive up to 30 minutes early to get your drink and apron on!
If you are coming with your friends or family, please be sure to fill out the seating request area when registering so we know who you want to sit with! Your name will be written on the table at your spot when you arrive.
Pinot's Palette is located at I25 and 144th Ave. We are located at the South West Corner of 144th and Orchard Parkway.