Take Home Paint Kits

Saturday, April 11

2:00 - 4:00PM


per guest

Class Details

This class accepts gift certificates, studio credits, and credit card payments. Pinot Perks ™ discounts and national Pinot's Palette discounts will apply. No other discounts or daily deals can be accepted.

Paint and have fun in your own space! Our painting kits include all the supplies you need and are fun for all ages. (Please read event descriptions or contact your local studio for more information.)

TAKE HOME ART KITS! Get the family a touch of creative fun with Pinot's Palette TAKE HOME ART KITS!
Little Brushes Take Home Art Kit, Suitable for Ages 5 and Up.

It's Easy! Purchase online, pick up the package from the studio on a designated date, take it home and paint! The kits will Include a canvas, brushes, paints, disposable apron & step-by-step instructions. Want to ADD A EASEL TO YOUR ORDER? Click to purchase from our shop: https://www....township/shop

More painting options!
Day Dreamer (10x10): https://www..../event/434095
Ladybug Love (10x10): https://www..../event/434093
Indigo Spring (11x14): https://www..../event/434097
Rainbow Unicorn (11x14): https://www..../event/434099
Swirly Rainbow Tree (10x10): https://www..../event/434100
Cool Treats( 10x10): https://www..../event/434101
UFO Encounter (10x10): https://www..../event/434568
Van Gogh Starry Nigh (10x10)t: https://www..../event/434569
Serene Sea Turtle (12x12 wood board):: https://www..../event/434567
Sparkling Sweet Pea (10x10): https://www..../event/434966
Funny Bunny (16x20): https://www..../event/435685
Sunset Through the Trees (10x10): https://www..../event/442171
Sly Guy (10x10): https://www..../event/442177
Curious Calico (10x10): https://www..../event/442178

Pinot's Poppin Peonies (12x12 wood board): https://www..../event/434563
Spring Breath (11x14): https://www..../event/434564
Sapphire Lagoon (11x14): https://www..../event/434565
Serene Sea Turtle (12x12 wood board): https://www..../event/434567
Japanese Moon Garden (10x10): https://www..../event/434963
Paradise Sunset (11x14): https://www..../event/434964
Trendy Tulips (12x20): https://www..../event/434965
Aurora Through the Trees (16x20): https://www..../event/435683
Lovely Hydangeas (16x20): https://www..../event/435686
Flamingo Beach (tote bag): https://www..../event/442167
Freshly Picked Roses (11x14): https://www..../event/442168
Monet’s Water Lilies (12x20): https://www..../event/442170
Twilight walk on the Beach (11x14): https://www..../event/442172
Easter Lily Cross (11x14): https://www..../event/442174

🚗 Pick Up Times: 2-4pm | Drop off also available
Pick Up Location: Pinot's Palette - Sea Girt | 2100 Route 35 | Sea Girt, NJ 08750

💲Bring your paint brushes back to us once we reopen to normal business hours, and receive a $10 CREDIT to a future class at Pinot's Palette Wall Township!

The Perfect Night Out

Enjoy drinks, upbeat music and hanging out with your favorite people while you paint! It's as fun for first-time painters as it is for experienced artists.

  • Fun Atmosphere

    From the moment you walk in, the mood is light, the music is fun and the conversation comes easy!

  • Easy to Do

    You don't need to be a seasoned painter — we make it easy for everyone to find their inner artist!

  • sit together icon

    Sit Together

    You'll get seats with all your friends, even if you book separately. Just tell us your friends' names when you register.

  • painting choices icon

    Paint Your Way

    There's no rule that says you have to follow the artist's steps. It's your art, so paint it however you like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs to learn more about what to expect from your Pinot's Palette experience or feel free to call the studio to speak to a member of our staff.

  • When is the studio open?

    We are open from 11am-3pm for business hours M-F (except major holidays). Classes are held throughout the week from 11am-10pm. View our class calendar to find out more!

  • I have never attended a paint and sip class before. How does it work?

    A public class features a masterpiece selected by the studio. You can register one (1) to 42 painters. This painting is indicated on our calendar by a picture of the painting. The class will be open to anyone. A private party is a private paint party where the day and time (based on availability) in addition to the painting is chosen by the host. The private party is open to invitees only.

  • I don’t have any artistic talent? Will I be able to complete the painting?

    Absolutely! Our artist will guide you step-by-step through the featured painting and will ensure that you stay on track to complete your masterpiece by the end of class. There are no mistakes, but Acrylic paint dries quickly, making mistakes easy to fix and perfect.

  • When does the calendar get posted?

    We try to post the upcoming month's calendar around the 20th of the prior month. If you would prefer to receive an email each month when our new calendar is posted, be sure to join our Pinot's Palette Insider Newsletter: https://app.e2ma.net/app2/audience/signup/1806024/1766300/

  • How do I sign up for a public class?

    Signing up is easy. Click on the "Event Calendar" link near the top of the page to view our calendar. Select the painting you would like to paint and click "Add to Cart." Follow the on-screen directions to complete the order. Or call the studio and we will be happy to take your reservation over the phone. You can also stop by the studio during our operating hours and make your reservation with our Studio Host.

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