Available for Private Event

Saturday, December 1

4:30 - 6:30PM


per painter

Available for Private Event -- Please contact studio for more information!

Host Your Team at Our Studio
Bring your team to bond at our studio, and leave the stress and distractions behind.
Studio Details
• Relax in a spacious studio
• Use our aprons, brushes, paints, and canvases
• Talk to us about food and beverage options
• Expect excellent customer service
• Enjoy comfortable seating and a fun atmosphere

Our organized and helpful staff will work with you to plan the perfect team building event. Choose any painting from our library or collaborate with us on a custom design for your company. From individual paintings to a jigsaw puzzle painting, we offer a variety of ways to bond with your team.

Team Building Ideas
Individual Paintings - This is the Pinot's Palette original format. Everyone in the class paints and personalizes their own painting with the help of our artists' step by step instructions.
Collaborative Painting - Everyone in the group contributes to a large 3 x 4 ft painting. One collaborative painting recommended for every 8-10 painters at the event.
Mystery Painting - Our artist takes you through the painting step-by-step. The catch is no one knows what the finished painting looks like.
Musical Painting - Paint one step, then move to a different seat to continue to the next step.
Jigsaw Puzzle Painting - Each painter completes a portion and when canvases are combined, the full image is revealed.
Corporate Event Refundable Deposit: $100.00
Call the studio to start planning your event today! 713.893.0923