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Private Event: Customer Appreciation

Wednesday, December 20

6:00 - 7:30AM

Private Event: Customer Appreciation

SIGN UP AT: https://www....s-39771352185

Our last POWERhour for 2017 is a special twist on a favorite-WORDup + wine + crafting!
What would 2018 look like if you left perfection behind in 2017? Operate from Brave not Perfect at this POWERhour and explore how perfection limits your potential and what 2018 will look like with your new WORDup ___________not Perfect.
You'll come away with intention (WORDup) for the new year, new connections to help you make it happen and a personalized journal to keep it all together!
Gift yourself (and a friend) this special edition POWERhour. Investment includes: a glass of wine, light appetizers, a personalized journal, and the 90 minute experience in a FUN safe space! Limited to 20!
As always, show up as you are. Drop in and out as you can! And if price is stopping you from coming, contact to find a win-win!
6.00-6.15pm. Connecting activity.
6.15-7.30pm. POWERhour.
7.30pm. Ready to MOXIE 2018!