Psychedelic Project Pet

Saturday, June 30

3:00 - 6:00PM


per painter

Your pet has lots of personality, so why shouldn’t his portrait? This is the perfect chance to show off how fun your fur baby is on the inside by painting him in bold, psychedelic colors!

Make Your Fur Baby a Masterpiece! We'll Help You Turn the Fuzziest Member of Your Family Into Art for Your Wall (Psychedelic Style will be an Option for a Groovy Look!)

See below for details on the organization, but first, see VERY IMPORTANT Deadlines and Rules for Project Pet! You will need to submit your picture after you register for the event.

***Registration will close June 17th, 2018*** This is the deadline for cancellation or class credit as well. This is the absolute deadline to get your pet's photos to us.

Furry, feathered, finned and scaled pets welcome! We'll help you capture any pet's unique features on canvas.

****Send photos to ****
Any photos sent after the deadline will not be printed and your reservation will be refunded.

All pictures need to showcase your animal and reflect unobstructed views of their pet. 300dpi works best.

Here are some tips for success:
Here is a website that breaks it down - https://www...._content=text

a) 1 pet per person/per photo
b) Highest resolution possible
c) Pet is clear and in the foreground with no furniture, objects, grass, etc. blocking any body parts
d) Pet is centered in the photo either FULL BODY or HEAD SHOT, with no cropped off edges.
e) Our best advice is to take a photo of your pet with the best camera you have outside during the day, under a shaded area (like your front porch, back patio, or inside near a window).
f) Remember, the better your photo is, the easier the painting process will be.

*** Sorry No Discounts, Living Social, Amazon Local or special rates apply ***