Put the Quality Back in Quality Time

Find a Place to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect with the Ones You Love

Memories are made in the present! Leave devices and distractions behind, and reconnect with the ones you love.

The digital world is demanding. Emails, text messages, social media and apps ring and ding at us at all hours of the day. All these little distractions take us out of the present, keep us from stopping to smell the roses, and cut into our relationships.

Disconnect from your screens and reconnect with your people. There are a thousand ways to put this idea into practice, and all of them are meaningful.

Everything we do at Pinot’s Palette is designed to build connections and create memories. A relaxed atmosphere, a little music, a little art, and your preferred beverage: It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new memories with someone you love.

Find a Place to Reconnect

What others are saying about Pinot's Palette Paint & Sip

  • Craze-mazing place! We love it so much, we keep coming back. Such great instruction, it's hard to not leave with a masterpiece. And the service is top-notch. Everyone at Pinot's Palette genuinely wants you to have a fantastic time.

    — Maria Agnes G., Naperville, IL

  • This is SUCH A FUN thing to do! I went on Sunday afternoon and we had a ball. I recommend it to everyone. The teachers are awesome, and make it very fun and relaxing. Do it!

    — Karen C. – Houston, TX

  • I absolutely loved this particular painting experience! It was fun, easy to follow and the speed of instructions was perfect. I did a date night with my honey and we both loved it. I’ve done other paint events and this one is by far the best. Definitely try it!

    — Michelle J., Fresno, CA

  • We had a wonderful time sipping and painting, though I'm definitely not that talented of an artist! The instructor was great and walks you through all of the steps. Great way to spend a birthday with the ladies!

    — Alexis W., Philadelphia, PA

  • Had my daughter’s 11th birthday there. We were happy with the place, very organized, fun for kids, well managed, staff is very friendly. Everybody left with wonderful memories. Thank you, Pinot’s Palette.

    — Tetyana V., Buffalo Grove, IL

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