Little Brushes

Little Brushes: Summer Camp

Tuesday, July 18

8:45 - 12:00PM


per painter

Little Brushes: Summer Camp!

Ages 10+ Adults welcome. $120 for Week 3: July 25 (Monet), July 26 (Matisse), July 27 (Edvard Munch) Drop off 8:45 am.

Artists will learn Impressionism, Abstract Art, Pop Art! Starting July 25 - July 27, we will explore 3 different Masters over 3 classes covering art history, brush techniques, painting famous pieces and painting individual interpretation of each different master!

Our team of skilled, local artists will take your budding artist to new artistic levels using both an academic approach and the creative exploration of different painting techniques. In each individual class, the artists will paint a master and then, they will create their own interpretation of that master! (2 canvases per class).

Price includes nut free and sugar free snack and juice/spring water.

Camp times and price: 9 am - 12 noon, $45.00 per class; sign up for full week and save $15! ($120 when you sign up for one full week). Drop off 8:45 am

Little Brushes:
A special painting class for kids! All the fun of a regular paint party, but set up specifically for little hands. Contact our studio for full details.