Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a children's private party and what does it include?

Our kid's parties are wonderfully fun and creative. It includes the private party room (with black light), two hour time frame (with time for a food break), kid's music playlist, 11x14 canvas and supplies, your own Artist and choice of any painting in the painting library, juice pouch and fresh popcorn. The price is $280 and after eight children it is $29 each. They especially love the black light painting in the private party room!!

What is the cost for an adult private party and what does it include?

Our adult's parties are fun and full of laughter. It includes the private party room (with black light), two hour time frame ,, a large 16x20 canvas and supplies, your very own Artist, fresh popcorn, access to our bar, music playlist, and your choice of any painting in our painting library. The minimum is $296 ( $37 per person from 8 to 12 and $35 per person after 12 guests.)

What are our options if we have a very small guest list (less then 9 guests)?

We have options for you! You may pay for 8 guests (invite grandparents, to paint with you), you may order a pre recorded class on our web page under "shop", join a virtual class or have a party within the scheduled events on our page.

What if we want to have a private family event, not specifically childrens or adult?

That is a great idea, as we have had family parties or reunions. The set up is the same as any private event and the cost is in line with the kids or adult parties depending on the choice of a 11x14 canvas or a 16 x20 canvas.

Where do I find your pre recorded videos and kits?

They can be found at

Where do I find the choice of paintings?

This is called our painting library and there are over 1000 paintings or we can customize for you. Go to

Do you sell art?

Yes, we do! We have many paintings on our wall for $37 each and also clearance paintings for $20. There is something for everyone. You are welcome to peruse our gallery whenever we are opened.

What are your hours of operation, they seem to vary. Can I walk in to check you out?

They do vary, but our open sign will be on and brightly lit. Generally Mon, Wed and Friday we are in studio from 2pm until 6pm and Sat from 1pm until 9:30 Pm and anytime that we have a class on the calendar which extends our hours to 9:30 at night most nights. You may walk in anytime that we are open!

Can an Artist custom paint my pet for me?

Yes, we can paint your pet and possibly other subjects for you on commission. Just send us an email to with your request.

What is your email if I want to contact you?

It is We are a family owned small business and one of the owners (Shannon or Eric) will get back to you.

What about parking?

We have FREE and EASY parking. Our parking lot is right behind our studio so you can come in the back door or take the sidewalk around.

What is your mask policy?

As the mask directive is lifted by The State, we will follow those guidelines. Many of our population has been vaccinated (including our Artists) and many have natural immunity/antigens. We encourage you to wear a mask if you so desire but it is not required. We RESPECT the right of each guest to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Are the evening classes suitable for children?

Yes, absolutely. Seven and up, depending on the child's ability. It is amazing what a child can do with step by step instruction. It is often a two to three hour class but the music is appropriate and family friendly. Our bar has many options

What is your COVID related policy?

We will continue to deep clean our studio after each day's business and follow all of the Delaware County Health Department directives including high temp washing, frequent hand washing and sanitation.

What is a "pre recorded" class?

Our pre recorded class once was a professionally executed live class that now is recorded for you and your friends or family. It can be paused if needed and the kit will be complete and specific to that class. It will also include a link. We will often just sell the link if that is what you need. The link is good for one week or longer depending. This is great for small groups that want to watch in their own home and a great Holiday gift too!

What is a "virtual" class?

Our virtual classes are wonderful for guests that cannot meet together. Each guest or group can be in a different location as these classes are led by our talented Artist via zoom and are interactive. Our kits are part of the class and specific to that painting and can be delivered, picked up or sent by mail. A great way to re connect for the holidays!

How do I sign up for a class?

Signing up is easy. From the home page scroll through the upcoming events or select View Full Calendar. Select which painting you would like to paint and "click" the photo. Enter the quantity of seats and click "add to cart". Follow the on-screen directions to complete the order. Contact us if you have trouble completing your order and we will assist you.

What days are classes held?

We always have classes on Thurs, Fri, and Sat and often on the other days of the week (check the calendar). Additionally, we have open studio during the day on Tuesday and Thursday. We often have special events on Monday night.

Is there reserved seating?

Yes, we set up everything you need for your class and preassign seats. If you have friends attending that you would like to sit with you can identify them when you book your class or you can send us an email. Be sure to give us 24 hours notice. Private parties do not have assigned seating.

What is the cancellation policy (regular classes)?

A full refund is available 7 days or more before class. Less then seven days before class you are eligible to put the reservation on hold for a later class or to transfer your reservation to a new class. We must have the cancellation request outside of 24 hours in order for a credit to be obtained.

What is the cancellation policy for Specialty Classes such as Paint Your Pet?

If you need to cancel your class, the following terms and conditions apply. Your reservation can be moved to a future date at no additional cost. You may receive a full refund only if we have not already processed your proof at our Printer (for the Paint Your Pet class). Usually this requires a 7 day notice. If we have already processed your proof at the Printer, you may elect to move to a future day and/or schedule to complete your pet canvas at one of our advertised open studios when there is an Artist available to assist you, at no additional cost. No refund (all or partial) will be issued.

Is there an age restriction for public classes?

We do have kid's specific and family classes which are generally ages 7 and up. Our public evening classes are designed to be a fun night out for anyone who can paint the subject, generally 11 on up. For Daytime Open studio times: all ages are welcome at Open Studio with an adult.

When is next month's calendar posted?

We try to post the next month's calendar around the 15th of the month. We post the week's painting as well as specials on our Facebook page so be sure to connect to us.

I have no artistic talent, I cannot even draw a stick person, will I be able to complete the painting?

Absolutely! Our Artist will guide you step by step through the featured painting and will ensure that you stay on track to completing your masterpiece by the end of class. There are no mistakes only happy accidents! Acrylic paint dries quickly, making mistakes easy to fix and perfect.

What if I do not call or show up for class?

Loss of payment will occur if no notification of cancellation occurs prior to class.

Do you provide food?

We have chips, nut mixes, fruit rolls and a variety of snacks for sale ($1 to $2). If you are interested in anything else feel free to bring your own food. We provide plates, napkins and utensils as well as counter space for food.

Can I bring wine?

No outside beverages are allowed as we have an Ohio bar permit. We have a wide range of alcoholic AND non-alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment.

Does wine come with class?

Unless otherwise noted in specifics for THAT class the only beverage that comes with the class is complimentary water.

What should I wear to class?

No dress code here .... dress casual or dress up. We will provide you with an apron but painters have been known to get involved in their work of art. Once the paint dries on your clothes it is permanent so keep that in mind.

What do I need to bring to class?

You do not need to bring anything with you but the expectation of having a fun time and creating your own masterpiece. We provide everything including a bar stocked with beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. We are able to make cocktails and mocktails for your enjoyment!

What is the inclement weather cancellation policy?

If winter weather causes us to cancel a class (Snow Emergencies), you will be fully refunded of your reservation, or have the option of transferring to another on the current calendar. If we remain open and you cancel your reservation due to driving conditions where you live, your reservation is transferable on a one time basis to another class on the current calendar. you must notify us at least 5 hours before class to take advantage of this transfer (if it is not a designated Snow Emergency).

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