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Private events can be booked with a req'd minimum of 11 painters at $35ea for 2 hour events or $45ea for 3 hour events by placing a deposit or making payment in full; a Prime Time Rental Fee of $150 may also be req’d. WE MATCH OR BEAT COMPETITOR PRICES.


🎨 A Deposit secures the date/time after availability is confirmed by the studio and is required, IF not paying for all seats in advance. Private Party deposits start at $150. Corporate Event deposits range from $250 up to 50% of total. Deposits are reconciled by the first business day after the event; a refund is processed at that time if the minimum headcount is met. No show seats up to the final head count are deducted from the deposit.Deposits can be applied partially or in full to party charges or individual seats.

A Tentative Minimum (TM) of painters is set at the time of booking. Final Head Count (FHC) is due 24 hrs in advance; the greater of these two (TM or FHC) will be the Confirmed Minimum the group will be charged, unless exceeded.

Due to the custom nature of our art sessions, NO REFUNDS will be issued for deposits and reservations. However, upon request and at our discretion, we will convert your payment into a CLASS CREDIT that can be used within 60 days for a future art event(s). No Shows will forfeit their reservation payment.

What's Included

🎨The following amenities are included: Use of our Main Studio; 15-30 free minutes of studio time to socialize, enjoy your party snacks and purchase drinks from our Wine Bar; Skilled Art Instruction by one or more of our experienced local artists; Paint, brushes and canvas; Souvenir Photos; Napkins, plates, utensils, and free bottled water; Programmable Music of Your Choice; FUN, Laughter and New Friends, at no extra charge!

Private Party Room

🎨 Our Main Studio, The Mona Lisa Suite, features comfortable accommodations including our fabulous Wine Bar, a lounging area, self-service pour station; Glass chandelier for ambiance, granite counter serving area for your food or catering set-up, and premium sound system for your favorite music.

Art Supplies

🎨 We provide the canvases, brushes, paints, palettes, aprons and all other materials needed to finish a masterpiece. We also have a designated area to keep purses and coats.

Professional Instruction

🎨 Our instructors are skilled and well-trained in making the painting process simple and enjoyable for painters of all skill levels. Everyone gets step-by-step instructions at a comfortable pace and we strive to make sure you leave with a painting you're proud to hang in your home.

Ice, Ice Buckets, Water

🎨 Our studio is equipped with ice machine and ice buckets to make it easier to keep drinks and food at the right temperature. Bottled water is available at no cost for all guests. You'll also have counter space for food or gifts.


🍷 We provide all the needed serving ware for your event and we even have souvenir glassware for purchase.


🎨 We'll have a crowd-pleasing playlist ready for you. Or, you can tell us what sort of music you'd like for your event and we'll tailor a playlist to your needs. And don't worry – we make sure the music doesn't get in the way of hearing the artist's instructions.

Food And Drinks

🍷We have a great WINE BAR for on-premises consumption. We sell soft drinks, beers, wines, frozen drinks, espresso and offer free water. Bring any food you like. NO BYOB DRINKS are allowed in our studio including water, soda and coffee. BYOB ALCOHOL ESTABLISHMENTS ARE NOT LEGAL IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. View Our Bar Menu at

Event Details

🎨 Private events can be booked at $35 per person for a 2 hr event or $45 per person for a 3 hr event with 11 person req’d minimum. Generally, we do not charge a rental fee except during prime time hours ($150 after 5pm Thurs to Sat). Your painting event includes 30 Free Minutes before your scheduled session for setup and socializing. We help you customize the flow and timing of your event. WE MATCH OR BEAT COMPETITOR PRICES with a written quote.

Painting Selection

🎨 Please provide your top three (3) desired 2 hour paintings from our painting library at We'll always try to make sure you get your first choice; we also base our decision on staffing, supplies needed, party type and other factors. Due to time constraints, we will need to choose a painting for your event if we do not receive a selection from you, and will do our best to pick something you'll love!

You don't have to choose a painting in order to book an event, but the final selection must be confirmed with the studio at least five days before your event date.

Our painting library is awesomely extensive! If you need assistance choosing the right painting for your group, just get in touch with us. We've hosted quite a few events and can help you narrow it down. Visit our painting library at

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We look forward to working with you to put together your next party! It's simple and easy so let's get started!

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