Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own ALCOHOL or Other Drinks to the studio?

🎨 We have an awesome WINE BAR at our studio. BYOB establishments are not permitted in the state of Arkansas. Customers 21 and older are able to purchase fine beers, wines and soft drinks from our fabulous Wine bar for on-premises consumption. Our bar menu is available at our website homepage.

How Do I Choose a Painting for a PAINT YOUR FAV specialty art session?

⏰ For any reservation or painting request made less than one (1) full day/24 hrs in advance, you will choose a painting upon arrival at the studio for your session, from hundreds of options. Choosing from our online painting library is not an option. Please arrive a half hour early so that you have time to choose. ⏰ For Reservations Made a Full 24 hrs or More in Advance Only: YOUR PAINTING SELECTION IS DUE IMMEDIATELY after making your reservation. You can choose from thousands of 2 hr canvas paintings from Our Main Painting Library at OR click “Private Events|Painting Library” in above navigation menu. Your painting selection must be one that is not on our upcoming calendar. Painting selections are due immediately, so please respond to our Confirmation Email right away with the name of the painting; otherwise, you will need to choose upon arrival from our in-studio options. We will notify you if your selection is not an option but due to time constraints we are unable to send reminders regarding painting selections.

What is the CANCELLATION-REFUND policy?

🎨 Refunds are not available for Specialty Classes (Paint Your Pet, Chunky Blanket or where For Regular Art Sessions: 48 hours cancellation notice is required for a refund, and 24 hours cancellation notice is required for a class credit. As soon as we receive your reservation, we make decisions about staffing, studio supplies and preparing for your visit to our studio, decisions that ultimately affect our capacity to operate our business. Cancellations and No-Shows can impact other customers as well as our ability to operate effectively. Therefore, our cancellation policy for Regular Public Classes is as follows: Reservations made less than 48 hours in advance are NOT eligible for a refund. A refund can only occur if notification of cancellation by the customer occurs at least 48 hours before class start. With 48 hours notice, a customer also has the option to put the reservation on hold for a later date or transfer the reservation to another class, on a one-time basis only. After one transfer/reschedule, the reservation/credit will be void if not used. For customer cancellations that occur at least 24 hours before start of class, the reservation can be put on hold for use at a later date or transferred to another class. Once a class credit or reservation transfer has been issued at the request, agreement or knowledge of the customer, receiving a refund is not an option. Loss of payment will occur for No Shows and/or if notification occurs less than 24 hours prior to class start. For No-Shows, we do not allow you to take unused supplies from the studio, as we incur an expense for prepping unused supplies. 🎨 Refund and Cancellation Policy for the Little Brushes camp: For cancellations that occur at least 7 days in advance (no matter when the Reservations was made), we will issue a reschedule credit for use within 60 calendar days of issue. In General, our kids camps are NOT eligible for refunds of any sort, due to the expense involved in planning and scheduling these 🎨 For Details, See Reservation Terms and Conditions and Private Party Terms and Conditions.

Can I bring people with me to the studio as OBSERVERS who do not want to paint?

🎨 No Observers or shared canvases are allowed in the studio for our Regular public art sessions. All present must have paid reservations. For private parties, you may invite guests who just wish to observe the festivities.

Do You Offer Discounts, Special Promotions, Comp Cards or a Rewards Program?

🎨 SPECIAL PROMOTIONS, DISCOUNTS, AND FREE GIFT CARDS: We offer great discounts and Comp Gift Cards on occasion but they are ideal for 1st TIME CUSTOMERS and KIDS and are offered as an incentive to get customers to try us out so that we can give them an awesomely fun experience in the hopes that they will want to paint with us again enough to pay regular price. We do not permit customers to "stack” discounts in order to receive a free session or to book more reservations than a particular discount allows. (Hint: Join our free Pinot Perks Reward program to earn free sessions and swag!) The canvas size for Seats that are discounted at 10% or more is 12x16 or smaller. Groupon Deal Vouchers and Free Gift Cards & Codes can only be used on a one-time-full-spend basis towards the cost of regular priced eligible art sessions, using 12x16 canvas or the canvas size stated in the deal voucher. Our discounts do not apply to any previously purchased seat(s). For information on our Groupon Discounts, check out our Blog page.

Is there an AGE limit and Do you offer KIDS classes?

🎨 Our public evening art sessions require customers to be 10 to 17 years old accompanied by an adult with a paid reservation OR 18 years and older w/ no adult supervision required. All customers making reservations are required to confirm the age of the children attending with them. Music more suitable for adults is often played during our evening sessions. Our art entertainment studio includes a Wine Bar for customers 21 and up. 🎨 Yes. Many of our sessions are kid-friendly for ages 5 to adult particularly during the day on weekends. We also conduct periodic week-long art camps for kids. Parents are welcome to drop their child off or to make paid reservations for them and their child, but no observers or shared canvases are allowed; all present must have paid reservations to paint. Learn about our Little Brushes Kids Art Camps at the following link:

What do I need to bring with me to the session?

🎨 Bring your own hors d'ouevres or snacks. We provide the canvas, easel, brushes, paints, and apron for the class. Our Wine Bar is a "By the Bottle & Self-Serve" operation, so Please Bring Your Own Corkscrew. We provide the rest, including a serving area for your food, napkins, plates, utensils.

Is there reserved seating?

🎨 Yes, we have your easel set up for you at your spot before you arrive for class. Paid reservations are required for all attendees; no observers are allowed during our public art sessions. If you have friends attending the class that you would like to sit by, you can let us know when you book the class or you can send us an email. Just make sure to give us at least 24 hours notice. Learn how to get priority seating at

What Party Options do you offer for groups?

🎨 We have several Party options that we can offer you: 1) Private Party - We offer private parties seven days a week between 9am and 11pm. 2) Regular Art Session w/ Pre-selected Featured Painting - You can choose to hold your party during one of our scheduled public sessions with a featured painting pre-selected by us. 3) Public Party w/ Painting Choice - We also offer Public Parties during a currently scheduled regular art sessions and you would get to help us choose the painting. See details on these options in our Reservation Terms and Conditions and in our Private Party Terms and Conditions sections of our website.

Do you offer KIDS classes?

🎨 Yes. Many of our sessions are kid-friendly for ages 5 to adult particularly during the day on weekends. We also conduct periodic week-long art camps for kids. Parents are welcome to drop their child off or to make paid reservations for them and their child, but no observers or shared canvases are allowed; all present must have paid reservations to paint. Learn about our Little Brushes Kids Art Camps at the following link:

What DAYS are art sessions held?

🎨 Regular public classes are held on Wednesday and/or Thursday through Saturday evenings. We also have classes and private parties seven (7) days a week as requested by customers – view our class calendar to find out more!

What is Pinot's Palette?

🎨 We are a paint and sip art instruction studio. Our awesome artists help you paint your very own masterpiece using step by step instruction. Bring your favorite snacks and come paint with us! No art experience is needed. Learn more about us at

When do I need to arrive for class?

🎨 We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before class starts to allow time for you to get settled in and mingle before the painting starts.

I am not artistic and can't draw stick figures! Will I be able to complete the painting?

🎨 Absolutely! Our artist will guide you step-by-step through the featured painting and will ensure that you stay on track to completing your masterpiece by the end of class. There are no "mistakes" in art. Salvador Dali once said, "Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." Also, acrylic paint is very easy to work with, so it' easy to paint over or wipe away areas that you may wish to change.

When does the next calendar get posted?

🎨 We try to post the next month's calendar around the 15th of the month. If you'd like to receive an email each month when our new calendar is posted, be sure to add yourself to our email list.

What should I wear to the studio?

🎨 No dress code here...dress casual or dress up. We will provide you with an apron but painters have been known to get a splotch or two of paint on their clothing which typically can be washed out if caught within 30 seconds.

What does an art session COST?

🎨 Our prices range between $15 to $37 for Regular Public art sessions. Pricing for our Special art sessions (i.e., Open Canvas, Project Pet, Light-up, Fundraisers, etc.) varies. The Standard canvas size for our sessions is 16x20 unless stated otherwise in the class description. Our pricing is subject to change without notice and will at times vary per person based on art session type, canvas size, and discounts and promotions. WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT competitor private party pricing with a written quote. For cost of private party art sessions, see Private Events/How It Works menu.

How do I SIGN UP for a class?

🎨 Signing up is easy. Click the "Event Calendar" link at top of our webpage to view our calendar of paintings. Select which painting you would like to paint and read the Class Description for more details about the session. Click "Add Painting to Cart." Follow the on-screen directions to complete the order. Due to limited seating capacity, no observers/non-painters are allowed during our public art sessions. Contact us if you have trouble completing your order and we will walk you through the process. Paid reservations are required for all art session attendees.

What happens to my reservation in the case of INCLEMENT WEATHER?

🎨 We encourage you to check the weather forecast several days in advance of your reservation so that you can make a decision in advance as to whether to cancel, change or keep your reservation. Most expected inclement weather is forecast several days in advance by local and national news stations. If there is inclement weather expected and a CUSTOMER cancels their reservation, we will honor the cancellation policy listed above. If WE make the decision to cancel a class, we will issue a class credit (refunds not available) which can be used for a future class. For sudden unexpected weather such as a tornado, we will issue a class credit upon request of the customer, within one (1) day after the inclement weather. If and once a class has been cancelled, we will post a message on our calendar, and email the customer if possible. A link to the above information is contained within the confirmation email and the reminder email sent to customers that have an active email address on file at the point of the cancellation.