Paint Your Fav! Reservations Req'd

Thursday, February 22

7:00 - 9:00PM


per painter


We are Unable to Accept Groupons, Discounts or Freebies for This Session.

Paint your favorite masterpiece from our library! Kid and family friendly painting fun on canvas using a written set of Self-Guided painting instructions; our artist(s) will also assist you as needed!

🎨 Reservations are required at least one (1) full day (24hrs) in advance of the session in order to select a painting from our Main Painting Library. Three Hours In Advance is the Latest Any Reservation Can be Made for this Session. Here's How to Make Your Reservation:

🎨 Step 1: Click the red "Register" button on this page and complete your online reservation, but please be sure to read below carefully and in detail.

🎨 Step 2: You will receive a Confirmation Email from us within 5 minutes of your reservation. Please respond to that email immediately with the exact name of the 2 hour painting that you wish to do--one that is not on our current schedule. It is important that we have your painting selection prior to your arrival to our studio so that we can plan and prepare. We will notify you if a painting is not an eligible option. Our email address is Our Main Painting Library (for reservations made a full 24 hrs in advance only) can be found at the following link:

🎨 IMPORTANT NOTE for any reservation or painting request made less than one (1) full day/24hrs in advance: Due to time constraints your painting options will be more limited and must be chosen from the following link only: Refunds are not available for reservations made less than 48 hours in advance--and class credits are not available less than 24 hours in advance--of the art session.

🎨 DISCOUNTS: We are sorry that we cannot make this session Groupon, Discount or Freebie Eligible due to the extra setup and time involved.

🎨 We hope to see you soon!