Paint Your Favorite! Reservations Req'd 1 Day In Advance

Friday, October 13

12:00 - 12:00AM


per painter

This Session Is Not Groupon, Discount or Freebie Eligible.

Open Canvas painting fun on canvas using written Self- Guided painting instructions w/ artist assistance! Paint your favorite masterpiece from our library! Kid and Family Friendly!

🎨 Reservations are required at least one (1) Day in advance of the session start time. Reservations of 3 or more must choose the same painting, if within 24 hours of the session. Here's How to Make Your Reservation:

🎨 Step 1: Click the red "Register" button on this page and complete your online reservation.

🎨 Step 2: You will receive a Confirmation Email from us. Please respond to that email immediately with the exact name of the 2 hour painting that you wish to do--one that is NOT on our current schedule. Our email address is We will notify you if a painting is not an eligible option. Our painting library can be found at the following link:

🎨 IMPORTANT NOTE - For any reservation made less than one (1) day in advance: Due to time constraints we will need to choose an eligible painting for you and will try to do so based on your preferences OR we can issue you a class credit for use on a future art session.

🎨 DISCOUNTS: We are sorry that we cannot make this session Groupon or Discount Eligible due to the extra setup and time involved.

🎨 We hope to see you soon!

Customize Your Colors. Self-Guided session with a set of written instructions and artist assistance.