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Little Brushes

Indigo Spring

Tuesday, June 13

1:00 - 3:00PM


per painter

This colorful and inspiring tree is full of the beautiful blue and violet blooms of Spring! Easy enough for kids to paint and interesting enough for adults, this masterpiece is perfect for a day of family fun!

Little Brushes
Looking for a fun and creative outlet for your little artist? Then Little Brushes has exactly what you are looking for! At Little Brushes we offer a fun-filled party, atmosphere where your little artists can have a blast creating their own masterpieces. From painting to crafting and everything in between Little Brushes fosters a friendly and collaborative environment, providing everything your little artist will need to bring out their creative spirit.

June 12th - 16th, 2017
Projects are on a 16"x 20" canvas or 10"x 10" canvas
Ages 6 - 12 Years

What's Included:
- A Painting session
- Snacks and refreshments
- Games and Fun!

Little Brushes:
A special painting class for kids! All the fun of a regular paint party, but set up specifically for little hands. Contact our studio for full details.