Painting it Forward

Vivid Reflections

Sunday, February 11

3:00 - 5:00PM


per painter

Inspired by the bright beautiful colors in the Northwest.

NATIONAL MS SOCIETY FUNDRAISER. $20.00 from each seat will be given back towards this worthy cause. Come paint, drink and have fun with us knowing you are also helping a great charity. There will be raffles and door prizes too! What FUN!
"The “MS” part of National MS Society stands for multiple sclerosis, a chronic and often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. MS is unpredictable and affects every individual differently. It is estimated that Multiple Sclerosis affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. This is the reason we come together - to rally friends in support of people living with MS in our community. Every dollar raised moves us closer to a world free of MS."

Painting It Forward:
A paint and sip class with an extra dose of heart and soul. When you buy a seat in a Painting It Forward class, you're making a donation to a nonprofit or community fundraiser.