Project Pet

Tuesday, May 22

6:30 - 9:00PM


per painter

Paint a portrait of your pet at Project Pet. Once you sign up for the painting, email us a high quality digital photo of your pet (one pet per canvas, please) and we will do the rest. Each photo will be transferred onto a 16”X20” canvas. Our talented artists will walk you through the steps to create your very own Pet Portrait!

Join us to support the Salty Dog's Mission!
Mixer will start at 6:30 at our bar, class will start at 7:00pm
Salty Dog’s Mission:
It is the mission of Salty Dog to use water sports as a vehicle for raising funds and awareness for pets, marinelife, and water safety throughout the globe. Salty Dog accomplishes this mission by offering SUP and surf lessons and tours wherever volunteers are located. In addition, we work with other partner nonprofit organizations, businesses, and school districts to educate their communities on animal awareness and proper pet care and advocacy around the world!
Salty Dog’s Vision:
It is the vision of Salty Dog to ensure that the domestic animal rescues we partner with have enough funds to cover the costs associated with emergency medical treatment of the pets they rescue while ensuring that pet owners in those areas understand the importance of proper pet care in order to reduce owner-surrender rates. Additionally, we also educate the participants about Marine resources conservation and water safety while on the paddleboarding tours and excursions.