Painting it Forward

Painting it Forward Fundraising Event

Sunday, November 5

2:00 - 4:00PM


per painter

Painting it Forward Fundraising Event

We are honored to have partnered with Teach For America - South Carolina to host a Painting It Forward Sunday November 5th! A portion of all sales will be donated to Teach For America - South Carolina. Please come join us and share this event to support this wonderful organization.

Teach for America

We are Teach for America – South Carolina.

We are Educators. Mentors. Coaches. Community Members. From the Upstate to the Lowcountry, we see the potential in each and every student in South Carolina. No Matter What.

We believe that all children, regardless of race, where they live or how much their parents make, deserve an excellent public education.

We affect change in both the South Carolina educational system and in the achievements of and opportunity available to our students. Through our values of respect and humility, we energize a statewide movement to provide opportunities for each child to realize their fullest potential.

We recruit. We develop. We mobilize. We are a part of something bigger.

Corps members are transformed by the potential of their students, igniting our continued advocacy for educational equity in South Carolina schools.

We continue to care. The Teach for America – South Carolina alumni network is filled with capable and committed leaders who, after their two-year commitment, go on to hold leadership positions both in and out of the education field. We are a diverse and determined community, taking collective action to improve and strengthen our local South Carolina schools and neighborhoods.

We are a strong, resilient and collaborative network of leaders who strive to make an impact and pave the way for education equity in our communities. Together.

We nurture. We reimagine. We inspire.

We are Teach for America – South Carolina.

Painting It Forward:
A paint and sip class with an extra dose of heart and soul. When you buy a seat in a Painting It Forward class, you're making a donation to a nonprofit or community fundraiser.