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Cathedral Rock Church Get together

Thursday, July 20

6:30 - 8:30PM



This painting looks like it came straight off the shelf of Anthropologie’s home décor catalog. The colors are pleasantly delicate and understated, yet they hold a beautiful degree of lightness and darkness. This painting will bring back those childhood memories of making a wish that someday might come true and be a beautiful addition to any home.

Join us for the Cathedral Rock Church group get together.
Pinot's Palette is the leader in sipping and painting! A unique way to experience art and wine; bond with your friends and family and meet new people!
No painting experience required! All supplies included and instructed by a specially trained local Pinot's Palette Artist/Entertainer!
INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and create your own art and memories!
You may arrive up to 15 minutes early to get your drink and apron on!
If you are coming with your friends or family, please be sure to fill out the seating request area when registering so we know who you want to sit with! Your name will be written on the table at your spot when you arrive.