Mobile Event

Chicago Sangria Festival!

Sunday, August 20

2:00 - 7:00PM

A cork pops, the rich aromas fill your nostrils, the wine warms your palate. Nothing signals relaxation quite like the first sip of a quality vintage. Be your preference Merlot or Chardonnay, Rosé or Cava, fix yourself a glass and start painting your own First Pour.

Check out all the details and link to tickets at http://bit.l...ipSangriaFest

We're taking our paint & sip party to Sangria Fest!

Join us in the Paint & Sip Lounge under the big tent at Sangria Fest on Sunday, August 20th. Take a break from the sun and join us for an hour in the Paint & Sip lounge to create your own 8X10 masterpiece.

Join Pinot's Palette Logan Square in the Paint & Sip Lounge at the second annual Chicago Sangria Fest on Sunday, August 20th. From 12 - 10 pm, you'll enjoy craft sangria, food from locals, live music, painting and fabulous cultural entertainment that will take you on a tropical paradise journey. Experience creativity, ethnic live music, flamenco dancers, and more!

Your tasting ticket includes a complimentary souvenir sangria glass (get there early... souvenir glasses available while supplies last). Upgrade your ticket and join Pinot's Palette in the Paint & Sip Lounge. You'll be sipping on Sangria in the park, enjoying a beautiful day outside. A perfect day to tap into your creative side! Under the big tent, take a break from the sun and relax for an hour in the Paint & Sip lounge. Join us to create 'Fireworks over Chicago' or 'First Pour'. You'll create your own 8X10 masterpiece to take home with you. Don't want to carry it around the fest? No problem. Stop by the Paint & Sip Lounge on your way out. Your masterpiece can hang with us until your ready to head home.

Mobile Event:
We're on the move! This paint party is happening away from our studio. See the event page for more information.