Project Car - Paint Your Ride!

Friday, August 25

7:00 - 10:00PM

Join us to paint your car. Send us a clear photo of your prized possession from it's most beautiful angle. We will use a special technique to transfer the image to canvas for you to paint.

Join us in the studio where we will lead you step by step to "Paint Your Ride"! Welcome GoodGuys West Coast Nationals members! Here is the perfect opportunity to create a custom masterpiece of your ride. Send us a photo of your hot rod, classic car, motorcycle or boat, etc. We will help you paint a portrait. WE WILL ALSO EXCEPT PET PHOTOS IN THIS CLASS! Registration closes and PHOTO DUE BY Friday August 18th emailed to NO EXCEPTIONS! Please send a high quality photo. One vehicle per photo. We may crop the background out and enlarge the vehicle to fit the 16x20 canvas. If you have special requests please email us. NO DISCOUNTS ALLOWED. Use of a discount will result in class credit for the amount paid. You can rebook the class if there is still space available at the full class price.
Refund and Cancellation Policy: No Refunds or class credits for Paint My Ride.