Open House Studio

Wednesday, September 12

1:00 - 5:00PM


per painter

Open House !! Anyone can come and explore Self Guided Mini Paintings. We have twelve self-guided 8x8 paintings to choose form for just $10.

Join us for open studio! Your admission includes all the supplies you need to create your masterpiece. Paint whatever your heart desires or choose from our self-guided instruction sheets. Please note that we are NOT teaching - you are on your own to paint what you want!
Get access to all of our paints/brushes! Get after your own creation or follow the step-by-step instructions from one of our 20+ "self-guided" paintings. Please note, there will be an artist in the studio to assist with paints/colors but they will NOT be guiding you step-by-step as they do in our regular classes. This session is self-guided.

You have following options:
8X8 paintings are $12
Wine Glass - $15
Tote Bag - $20
Mason Jar - $15
Vase - $22
Regular Canvas [16x20 size] - $25

Pinot’s Palette leads the paint and sip experience – a wonderful way to enjoy wine and art, de-stress and bond with family and friends.