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Sunday 06/26

Strung Together

Sunday 06/26

Strung Together

7:00 - 9:00PM

Public Fundraiser for the Speed Family
7:00 - 9:00PM

Inspired by family strung together in love. Love has no boundaries, even when our loved ones can't be with us.

This painting can be easily personalized with as many kites as you want per family member and color combinations.

Please join us for this special night while we honor and celebrate David Speed, a local Aston resident, who at 41 years old, tragically and suddenly passed away earlier this year.

The Speed family will receive a portion of the proceeds from every seat sold at this event. Light appetizers will be provided for all attendees. This is a BYOB event. We will have silent auction items to bid on. All proceeds from silent auction items will be donated to the family.

Come out for a wonderful evening to celebrate life and to support this wonderful local family.

Here is a small excerpt of a writing from Dave's wife, Bridget:

Dave was the heart of our family and I cannot describe to you in words how much of a hole this has left in our hearts and home. We have 5 small, beautiful children - Jeremy, Jacob, Jared, Julianna and Baby Jaela. David was the most amazing, loving, caring, wonderful father to these children and I cannot stress enough how beautiful of a person and father he was to us.

My husband had a "childlike" fascination with kites as Dave wasn't easily excited by much but when he saw a kite for some odd reason he would "light up!" Of course I teased him about it and it became a joke within our family. Dave also had a love for sunsets. This painting means more than words can describe as it incorporates the sunset as well as the kites that just "lit him up"and I thought how fitting it would be to have one kite represent each one of us which is why there are 7.

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