Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a position with Pinot's Palette?

email us at to find out about job opportunities

Do you have to be 21 to attend?

Yes, we have a bar in the studio so every guest must be 21+ with a valid ID to enter studio even if not drinking alcoholic beverages

Can my friend or partner just come sit and watch while I paint?

No, we don't have a lounge area or bar stools. All seats at tables must be paid for as a painting guest

How many guests required for a private event?

A minimum of 12 paid seats to hold a private event. So even if you only had 10 you can book and just need to pay the extra seat fee. Split amongst friends:)

Is wine included?

No, wine/beer and non-alcoholic beveages are purchased seperate. Water and coffee are complimentary

Can we bring our own wine?

No, we are a bar so no outside beverages or containers allowed

How many guests required for an off-site mobile event?

A minimum of 20 paid guests to hold an off-site event

Do you do fundraisers?

Yes, we love working with our community. Call the studio for more info

What are your hours?

Our studio is open Monday-Friday from 9-3, excluding holidays. We are open in the evenings per our calendar of events