The Art of Drinking

The Art of Drinking

Ah painting. It’s so relaxing. You can just find yourself for hours trying to imitate a bowl of fruit or bring out your own Davinci on canvas. It’s a healthy practice if you can carve out the time to do so. Coupled with a delicious white or red wine makes for an entertaining evening. “When we started Pinot’s Palette, we set out to create an experience that was fun, sophisticated, and truly memorable” – says Charles Willis, President of Pinot’s Palette, a leading paint and sip franchise. “We wanted to make great art attainable to those that had no previous art experience, and at the same time, we also have been able to support local artists. We have more than 250 extremely talents artists throughout the country who get to do what they love and actually get to share that “magic” with others who have usually not picked up a paintbrush since grade school. Pinot’s Palette has not only become a place where guests can discover their creativity, but also effortlessly bond with old and new friends.”

A true social network, the setting allows for people to get together with other real, existing people and converse about whatever it is they like. It’s friendly and inspires a welcoming atmosphere. “We have 60 studios throughout the US, and depending on the specific area and laws, some of our studios are BYOB, some have wine bars, and some are a hybrid. But what differs across all of our studios is that our owners cater to the selection to the taste of their specific customers. Our studio owners that do provide wine support local wineries as well as provide some of the tried and true wine staples.”

“Paint & Sip” can be the best thing to lower your blood pressure from the daily grind of a high intense job. Or it just may be the very thing you need to get back into the swing of things, make new contacts, and possibly sway a client to sign. “Our customers get hooked on the Pinot’s Palette experience” – says Charles. “People that paint with us for the first time are usually amazed at how fun the experience was and how awesome their painting turned out. They tend to leave and spread that excitement to their friends, family, and co-workers, and it translates into a lot of repeat business as they keep coming back with different groups.” -Tonisha L. Johnson

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