Franchise Business Review Lists it’s Top Franchises

Franchise Business Review Lists it’s Top Franchises

2014 is a great year to buy a franchise—but it all comes down to being the right franchisee in the right system for you. Potential franchisees need to consider many factors as they narrow down their franchise search. Is the system set up to grow? How important are unit-level economics to the corporate office? Does the brand have a strong relationship with customers, lenders, AND franchisees? How will government regulation affect the industry in the future (and will the franchise system work to ease those effects)? Is transparency important to the brand (and do you see evidence in this in your research and discus¬sions with franchisees)?

The 200 award-winning companies in the Franchise Business Review’s report provide a great starting point for someone looking to invest in a franchise opportunity. Nothing guarantees a franchise system will be the perfect fit, but talking to franchisees and looking at a brand’s franchisee satisfaction data is a great way to learn the full story about a brand.

One concept that stood out on FBR’s list was Pinot’s Palette. Pinot’s debuted on their list in 2013 and has seen an explosion of competitors in the past year as the sip and paint industry has taken off. President Charles Willis says they are constantly expanding and improving their business offerings to stay on top, and ahead of their competition, in the industry. They’ve recently added a children’s program (“Little Brushes”), a mobile offering (so franchisees can take the concept into existing bars and restaurants for special events), and a scotch and beer menu to increase male clientele.

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