Trade Show Standout – Creating a Reasonable Budget

Trade Show Standout – Creating a Reasonable Budget

Make the most of your time and money by focusing on priorities for your brand. – By Mari Sokolowski

THERE IS A REAL need in any industry to get in front of people face to face, especially when your brand represents a new industry in franchising. Until your franchise company builds that coveted brand recognition, it can’t expect franchise agreements to sell themselves.

Trade shows are not only strong opportunities to gain national exposure, but also to get the “lay of the land” on a grassroots level. In talking with people from the local area, your brand gets an innate sense for the community and demographics that it cannot get over the phone or sifting through data. Personal interviews and accounts can be some of the best research to conduct.

Putting together a budget for a trade show can seem daunting, but by reading the fine print and identifying your priorities, your business can develop a reasonable plan that allows it to take advantage of all the benefits trade shows offer while remaining within your means.

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