Top 10 Qualities of a Successful Franchisee

Top 10 Qualities of Successful Franchisees

Top 10 Qualities of a Successful Franchisee

There’s no such thing as a perfect business owner, but there are those who are more successful than average. While every successful franchisee has their own way of taking care of business, there are some common qualities they share.

As a franchisee or any business owner, you can refer to this quick list to help keep your focus on the things that are going to affect long-term sales.

10. Stick to the Plan

This is critical when opening your franchise business. In the beginning, marketing seems to be last on most owners’ lists of things to get done, but this should be on the top of the to-do list. Study the franchisor’s build-out specifications to answer the questions you have during build-out and opening. This will give you more time and headspace to focus on marketing early on.

9. Stay Positive

Michael Phelps, 28-time Olympic medal winner and captain of the 2016 U.S. Olympic swim team, told his team to keep the negativity to themselves because it doesn’t solve anything. With new positive attitudes, they all gelled as a team and won the most Olympic medals ever in the history of any country.

8. Attack the Uncomfortable Things

Everyone has a weakness. If you attack that weakness head-on, you will be more successful. Putting off uncomfortable situations only hurts your business.

7. Be a Team Player

Your employees are going to be looking to you for inspiration and leadership. Be the leader and team player you would want to have.

6. Stay Involved in the Community

To really accelerate sales, get out of the studio. This means networking, community involvement, in-person relationship building, and consistently driving your message and offerings. It’s a long-term plan, so be patient.

5. Communicate

Don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of information that comes your way. Channel it, summarize it, and communicate it to your team to help them. In return, they will help you be successful.

4. Manage Multiple Irons

Everyone has long to-do lists. The reason some people get more done is because they spend their time on the tasks that matter most. They also refuse to be interrupted by things that can wait, like notifications from email or social media. Keep yourself honest too: are you pushing yourself to be better, or just pushing yourself to scratch items off the to-do list?

3. Innovate

This contradicts number 10, but after you’re open it’s going to be up to you to continue to develop new ways to drive business. If you’ve tried something and it failed, remember you have found one way how not to do it. Next time, try it a different way.

2. Stay Passionate

Whether you’re with Pinot’s Palette or another business, passion is what got you into it. Passion isn’t always easy to maintain. If yours is wavering, give yourself a perspective check. Use this list to inspire yourself to wake up each day to build your happy place.

1. Show Grit

This is #1 in my eyes. Your willingness to do more will greatly outweigh talent, passion, and even luck. If you want it, work for it. If it doesn’t happen quickly, work harder to find a way to make it happen.

If you have all or most of these qualities, and think running an upscale paint and sip studio sounds like a lot of fun, we want to talk to you. Let’s get in touch.

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