Quality Control Measures that Work

Quality Control Measures that Work

Advice Through the Grapevine from Charles Willis, CFE, Pinot’s Palette Co-Founder and President

Every Pinot’s Palette location faces the same need for systems that ensure quality and a great customer experience. That’s why we came up with five quality control measures that help our franchisees across the country create great, consistent experiences that keep customers coming back.

Net Promoter Scores

Getting direct customer feedback is crucial, and we have a very simple method. We send all customers a follow-up email – the very next day so their experience is still fresh in their minds – to ask one basic question: “Would you recommend us to a friend or family member.” Based on the response, we categorize customers as “promoters,” “passives,” or “detractors.” Most of the time the response is overwhelmingly positive, but sometimes there are concerns. We consider promoters and detractors equally important: Sure, excellent feedback is wonderful, but negative remarks can provide a real growth opportunity. It’s our policy to call any detractor by the next business day. Sometimes nothing will turn them around, but taking the time to talk to them could make all the difference. We track detractors to see if they decide to give us a second chance, and many do!

Secret Shoppers

We employ secret shoppers to evaluate each studio every six months, and we review the evaluations with the franchisees and discuss what they’re doing well and what needs work. In addition, we recommend that franchisees use friends and family to secret-shop their studios at least once a quarter.  If our franchisees are open to constructive critique, friends and family are usually happy to provide it!

Bounce-Back Cards

After each class, all Pinot’s Palette customers receive a “bounce-back” card offering a discount on a future class. We use these cards to track and measure repeat business per location and per artist. Most of our franchisees find that their customers are excited to come back.

Class Checklist

To ensure that every class has that distinctive “Pinot’s Palette” feel, we provide all franchise owners a “session checklist” that they can hand out to their employees.  The printable checklist breaks down everything employees need to do before, during, and after each class. Staff members check off each step as they complete it. This is an easy, foolproof way to ensure that each class lives up to customer expectations.

Painting Instructions

Every Pinot’s Palette painting comes with a set of detailed written instructions that break down everything an artist needs to know– from the number of pumps of each paint color to the size of the brushes to canvas dimensions. Perhaps most importantly, the instructions ensure accurate time management by dictating exact times for how long each step of the painting should take, identifying when to give customers a refreshment break, and when to add in the entertaining personal touches that make a fun paint-and-sip experience.

At Pinot’s Palette, we want each studio to create an experience that brings repeat business and develops a loyal customer base. This is an attainable goal – as long as you implement the right quality control systems.

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