Are You Paint and Sip Studio Owner Material?

Are You Paint and Sip Studio Owner Material?

When going through our franchise discovery process, many of our paint and sip candidates ask us the question, “what skills and type of person are most successful in your system?”

We had a chance to interview our HQ team members and franchise council to learn from their perspective what makes a successful paint and sip franchise owner:


“In order to be a successful in running a paint and sip business franchise, an owner really needs to be passionate about the brand and the concept. You have to know in your heart and soul that the product you’re delivering to your customer is providing value in their life.” ~Lisa Riley – Pinot’s Palette Tulsa – OK, Area Developer; Franchise Council President

“Pinot’s Palette has a very collaborative and transparent culture where feedback is encouraged and ideas are heard. Successful paint and sip studio owners take advantage of the networking and communication opportunities and contribute as team members.” ~ Alana Padgett – Pinot’s Palette The Woodlands, TX; Franchise Council New Member Chair

“Pinot’s Palette has exhaustive marketing strategy and training, which is taught. What can’t be taught is the ‘get up and go’ to execute in a local market. Successful paint and sip franchise owners focus on getting out of their studios to grow their business. There’s a lot of value in ‘hitting the pavement’ so to speak.” ~Mari Sokolowski – Development Director; Pinot’s Palette Chicago; Franchise Council Secretary


Outside of the paint and sip industry franchise, there are additional questions that can help candidate decide if they are ready to start their own paint and sip studio. recently published a list of 10 questions entrepreneurs should ask before going into business for themselves. You can read more about it here.

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