Marketing A Paint And Sip Business On Social Media

Marketing A Paint And Sip Business On Social Media

Social media is a sphere that is constantly changing ,and if used properly, can help you expand the network your small business. Any paint and sip business will derive most of it’s customer base from online search and word of mouth marketing, so social media is a critical component of the marketing mix. Pinot’s Palette talked with it’s team so social media marketing experts for tips on marketing a wine and paint business online.

Target Locally
“We all know the most successful social media is all about engagement and not how many likes you can buy. Locally customized and relevant pictures, communications and contests are unbeatable.”
– Craig Ceccanti, Co-Founder & CEO, Professor of Marketing, Rice University

Build Partnerships
“The paint and sip business aligns nicely with other entertainment and food and beverage businesses. Use your business connections to friend other businesses that share your target market. Comment on their posts and help engage conversations for their benefit. Then try to engage their brand on your site.” – Haley Hughes, Marketing Manager, Local and National

Quality Vs. Quantity
“Take the time to use strong images and storytelling in each of your posts. People don’t care about 20 percent off—they see this kind of message everywhere. However, ask your audience to come up with a funny quote for a picture you just posted, now you have their attention. Great content will get you likes and shares.” – Jacqueline Deavenport, Marketing Manager, Franchise Development

Work Smarter Not Harder
“The complexity of owning and operating a business today have never been greater. Franchise companies that innovate and find ways to work smarter and not harder stay ahead of the pack. Use tools like Hootsuite to plan and schedule your posts. Also, monitor your progress each month by looking at the analytics function on each platform.”
-Mari Sokolowski, Franchise Development Director, Pinot’s Palette Franchisee & Owner

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