From Signing the Lease to Celebrating the Grand Opening

From Signing the Lease to Celebrating the Grand Opening

National insurance, construction, and real estate partners help ensure speedy, seamless openings for new Pinot’s Palette franchisee partners

Grand opening day:  It’s the day that each new Pinot’s Palette franchisee anticipates from the moment they select the site of their studio. Of course, it’s also like planning wedding. There are many moving parts along the way that all must to come together in the end for a successful event. It’s exciting, but it can be complicated. That’s why we have several national partnerships in place to help.

When opening a new business, time is money. Pinot’s Palette has carefully selected partners to help with details involving insurance, construction, and real estate, so franchisee partners can save valuable time and enjoy a fun, worry-free grand opening.

My goal is to ensure a seamless transition for all our franchisee partners from build-out to opening day.

Expert Commercial Real Estate Advice 

We have an excellent national real estate partner, Morrow Hill. They have our specific outline that includes square footage per studio, rental rates, what the studio’s interior should look like, and who the co-tenants should be. Real estate can be a real challenge if you are not familiar with commercial leasing. Morrow Hill finds places that match our requirements in the toughest real estate markets in the U.S.

Although some franchisee partners begin the process planning to use their own real estate agents, not all agents have the necessary expertise in commercial real estate. Morrow Hill are the Pinot’s Palette experts, so the process moves quickly. Just send them your site selection territories, and they’ll find several spaces in that area that fit the criteria.

A Trustworthy General Contractor

When it comes to general contractors, Pinot’s Palette’s chosen national partner is Northboro Builders, Inc. They have our Required Standard Buildout Specifications, so they know exactly how to build a Pinot’s Palette studio and give our franchisee partners a fixed bid.

Northboro’s thorough knowledge of the Pinot’s Palette layout keeps franchisee partners on track without any unpleasant surprises. They know what’s required and we know they’ll follow our plan, which brings construction to a quicker finish. That means grand opening day isn’t delayed due to ‘unforeseen construction problems’.

The Right Business Insurance Coverage

Franchisee parterns need general liability insurance, hired and non-hired auto insurance, liquor liability insurance (if they have a bar), and host liquor liability insurance (if a BYOB studio). Because our insurance partner Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is so familiar with our requirements, the process is seamless for our franchisee partners.

Our franchisee partners do have the flexibility to shop for different insurance bids and to work with an insurer of their choice. However, most of our franchisee partners report a significant time savings in acquiring the necessary coverage from AJG. The pricing from AJG is competitive, and with our buying power we’ve actually been able to reduce our premium 2 years in a row. They’re our knight in shining insurance armor.

Time to Pop the Cork

Getting to grand opening day takes hard work from the franchisee partner, but Humphrey says there’s a great support system at Pinot’s Palette. AJG, Northoboro Builders, and Morrow Hill are great partners that make the process go smoothly. We provide franchisees with a plan that is tried and true, so it simplifies the journey toward opening for everyone.

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