Artists and Employees Love Working for Pinot’s Palette

Artists and Employees Love Working for Pinot’s Palette

For most, creating art, meeting new friends, and sharing an innovative social experience is considered a fun night out, but for Pinot’s Palette artists, it’s a day at work! This year, Pinot’s Palette is proud to announce it has been honored as one of Houston Business Journal’s 2013 Best Places to Work.

With one of the most unique jobs in the country, Pinot’s Palette employees get the chance to teach lively guests how to paint classic works of art as they sip wine, laugh, and dance their way to a completed masterpiece. Not only do Pinot’s Palette artists get the chance to bond with their guests, but they also have the pleasure of helping them tap into their creative abilities and discover their talents. Pinot’s Palette artists throughout the U.S. report a high percentage of regular customers, who find the creative events to be the ultimate way to wind down, and even an unmatched therapeutic experience.

From hosting birthdays, bachelorette parties, and corporate functions, to helping plan surprise engagements and collaborating with guests to paint their adored pets, Pinot’s Palette artists are always joining in on the fun. Each Pinot’s Palette artist is dedicated to providing the most entertaining night out experience for their guests while helping them break free from daily stress with each paint stroke and sip of wine.

The news regarding Pinot Palette’s win was released on October 16th at the 2013 Best Places to Work Awards Ceremony, where each of the top places to work in Houston were honored. Over 106 companies were chosen as winners of the award and earned the prestigious 2013 Best Places to Work title.

Opening its first location in 2009 in Houston, Pinot’s Palette has now expanded into 25 states and presents an energetic social event for thousands of guests to enjoy. As a different way to do a fun night out, Pinot’s Palette also works to offer fulfilling careers and exceptional entrepreneurial opportunities to all types of people across the nation.

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