Start a Paint and Sip Business

Start a Paint and Wine Business

So you want to start a paint and wine business and are looking for some pointers on where to start but mostly like want to know what big challenges are involved. Before I divulge all the secrets I have learned over the last 8 years in the paint and wine business, let me give you some other questions to consider. Are you ready to start a business?   Having been to a top 10 entrepreneurship business school and growing up with an [...]

WEBINAR: Pinot’s Palette Update – 2017 Franchise Industry Forecast

What does the franchise industry look like going into 2017? What are the hottest sectors for growth in franchising? What should I expect when researching franchise concepts in 2017? These are all questions we will answer in this webinar. The franchising industry has been on an upward trend over the last several years, and the expectation for growth carries over into 2017. We will give insight into the sectors leading this growth, and also provide practical advice for how [...]

WEBINAR: Pinot’s Palette Update – Painting It Forward

Commitment to community and partners is one the the Pinot's Palette values. Our studios across the country invite guests into their space to raise thousands of dollars for local charities and non-profits. Through the Painting It Forward model of giving studios can give back to the causes that impact their neighborhood. In this webinar, Development Director Mari Sokolowski will walk through the importance of philanthropy to achieve success in small business. We also have a special guest, Senior VP of [...]

innovation in franchising

WEBINAR: Pinot’s Palette Update – Culture of Innovation

Pinot's Palette brings the power of creativity, innovation and fun to everything we do. In this webinar, Development Director Missy Erickson, delves into all the innovative ideas and changes that Pinot's Palette has done to become a leader in the paint and sip industry. At the end of the presentation there will be time for a Q & A session with special guest and Pinot's Palette Co-founder Craig Ceccanti.   Would you like to speak with one of our Development Directors [...]

MSNBC Feature: Born In The U$A with Tamron Hall

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO “Born in the U$A” is a long-running segment on MSNBC that profiles successful entrepreneurs and business founders who have created highly-successful companies in the U.S.A. Tamron Hall is an American national correspondent for NBC News, Co-Host of The TODAY Show, a day-side anchor for MSNBC and host of the program MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

Pinot’s Palette® Launches Pinot Perks Rewards Program

HOUSTON (April 21, 2016) – Pinot’s Palette, which has used its cutting edge technology to become the fastest-growing paint and sip chain in North America, is launching the industry’s most innovative online customer rewards program called Pinot Perks. Developed in-house by the Pinot’s Palette technology team, Pinot Perks is designed to elevate the upscale paint and sip experience by utilizing some of the most sophisticated proprietary technology behind the scenes. The first brand to launch an online shopping component for [...]

Quality Control Measures that Work

Advice Through the Grapevine from Charles Willis, CFE, Pinot’s Palette Co-Founder and President Every Pinot’s Palette location faces the same need for systems that ensure quality and a great customer experience. That’s why we came up with five quality control measures that help our franchisees across the country create great, consistent experiences that keep customers coming back. Net Promoter Scores Getting direct customer feedback is crucial, and we have a very simple method. We send all customers a follow-up email – the [...]

Delegation: The key to harvesting big benefits for your business

Advice Through the Grapevine from Charles Willis, CFE, Pinot’s Palette Co-Founder and President I understand what it’s like to be a new business owner:  When Pinot’s Palette CEO and co-founder Craig Ceccanti and I opened our first franchise in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood in 2009, we had a lot to learn—primarily about letting go of the idea that we had to manage every small task of growing our business. Like parents who couldn’t bear to leave their newborn for even a [...]

Five Site Selection Do’s and Don’ts

Advice on finding the best location to open a Pinot’s Palette studio, from Kristin Humphrey, Director of Franchise Operations The most exciting part of the journey toward opening the doors of your Pinot’s Palette is selecting the right location. My primary function as Director of Franchise Operations is to assist franchisee partners with this process every step of the way—from site selection to signing the lease. Location, location, location—it’s not just a mantra for homebuyers. Location is a key consideration for [...]

Marketing A Paint And Sip Business On Social Media

Social media is a sphere that is constantly changing ,and if used properly, can help you expand the network your small business. Any paint and sip business will derive most of it’s customer base from online search and word of mouth marketing, so social media is a critical component of the marketing mix. Pinot’s Palette talked with it’s team so social media marketing experts for tips on marketing a wine and paint business online. Target Locally “We all know the most [...]