Welcome to Team Pinot, Samantha and Soral Karim!

Welcome to Team Pinot, Samantha and Soral Karim!

We are pleased to introduce our Phoenix, AZ owners, and share their excitement about the Pinot’s Palette brand. We first met Samantha and Soral at an EXPO in Phoenix and quickly learned what an incredible addition they would be to the Pinot’s Palette team.

Pinot: Hey Samantha, I’m super excited for you both. Can I ask, how did you find out about Pinot’s Palette? 

Samantha: I guess you could say it literally landed in my hands. Soral (my husband) and I are avid entrepreneurs and attended a franchise EXPO in Phoenix last year to find a new business opportunity. We had been out all day and realized we were ready for a snack when we stopped at a booth sampling tacos. We had a taco in one hand, and Chasiti (Pinot’s Palette Operations Director) slipped a Pinot’s Palette flier into our other hand and told us to check out the “Paint. Drink. Have Fun.” art studio.  I was hooked and had to find out more, so we contacted the HQ when we returned home.

Pinot:  That is a great story! So how long have you been in the Phoenix area?

Samantha: Soral has lived in Phoenix since the early 90s. I grew up in a military family and moved around all over the world. After high school I decided to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson and moved to Phoenix after graduation for a job. Soral and I met and the rest is history; we love it here!

Pinot: We’ll be looking for some U of A alumni paintings coming out of your studio!  What were you doing before you became a Pinot’s Palette franchise partner?

Samantha: Soral is a Pharmacist and real estate investor, and I am a professional belly dance artist and super mommy!  Now, we are both super involved in launching Pinot’s Palette.  Our daughter will be 3 in July, and we’re really excited about her growing up in an artist and entrepreneurial environment.

Pinot: We have many owners in our system who share your vision. What else are you most excited about as you prepare to open your studio?

Samantha: We’re excited about so many things, but if I had to pick one thing…  We are most excited and really take pride in being able to help others through community service and giving back. Every month we’re going to be hosting fundraiser classes to benefit different charity partners through the Phoenix community.

Pinot: That is awesome. You guys are awesome! How can people find out more?

Samantha: We’re opening in August 2013 and people can go to our website https://www.pinotspalette.com/ParadiseValley to sign up to receive our email newsletters. We can’t wait to see all the painters in our studio soon!

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