Sister Venture: Family Foray into Pearland Pinot’s Palette

Houston sisters open Pearland paint and sip

Sister Venture: Family Foray into Pearland Pinot’s Palette

Growing up, sisters Nadia and Arub Alam enjoyed playing pranks on their longsuffering aunts. And when the sisters reached their twenties and found themselves in respectable careers – Nadia as an event planner and Arub as a medical practice manager – they missed that sense of adventure in the joint endeavors they had once shared.

So, the sisters decided to take on an ambitious and exciting adventure – opening a Pinot’s Palette® studio together. They had researched different franchise opportunities, and found that the Pinot’s Palette corporate culture reflected their values and business goals. Plus, opening a studio allowed them to meld their individual skillsets of management and event planning into a talented partnership. “We realized Pinot’s Palette was about entertaining and creating memories,” Nadia says. “So it was a great fit for us.”

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

After the sisters submitted an initial inquiry about opening a studio in the Houston area, Pinot’s Palette headquarters pointed them towards the nearby suburb of Pearland as a great location. Soon after, the sisters found themselves in a week-long Pinot’s Palette Boot Camp, in which they learned the ins and outs of opening a studio. “It was very helpful and obviously overwhelming,” Arub says. “For five days, we were trying to absorb all this information.”

But Nadia and Arub found all that information invaluable as they began tackling the details of opening their studio. They dealt with some setbacks along the way, like landlord negotiations and permitting taking longer than they would have liked. “However, we’ve stayed excited and the process hasn’t felt burdensome,” Arub says. “Headquarters has done an awesome job of streamlining the process.”

Along with guidance from HQ, the sisters have leaned on their fellow franchise owners for support along the path to opening their studio. “Every franchise owner we’ve talked to has been so welcoming,” Arub says. “They remember the nerves of starting your new franchise and have been happy to answer our questions.”

Pay(nting) It Forward

As Nadia and Arub become more comfortable with the day to day tasks of business ownership, they look forward to giving back as well – not only to new franchisees, but to their community at large. “We like to shop local and give back to our community. We plan on doing a pay it forward class every month in which we’ll give a portion of proceeds to local non-profit organizations and charities,” Nadia says. “We strongly believe that if you give back, you always earn something good. Whether it’s in business or life, good will come towards you.”

For now, the sisters are reveling in the good that has come to them by taking on the adventure of business ownership together. As Arub says, “A place where you can paint, drink, and have fun. How could you go wrong with that?”


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