From Empty Nest to a Full Glass at Pinot’s Palette – Manalapan

From Empty Nest to a Full Glass at Pinot’s Palette – Manalapan

Maskowitz Family Finds Fun, Fulfillment, and New Friends in Franchise

Early in 2014, Manapalan, New Jersey resident Teri Maskowitz went to a Pinot’s Palette event with her daughter Amanda. Teri, a breast cancer survivor and a recent retiree from 35 years as a dental assistant, had never been to a paint-and-sip class and felt a bit intimidated at first.

“About halfway through the class, I told my daughter I was having such a great time,” says Teri. “It was so relaxing and so much fun. I told my daughter I wanted to look into having a place like Pinot’s Palette myself. There was nothing like it in our community and I talked about that night for days afterward.”

“I Found a Franchise!”

Teri and her husband Jordan, a retired lieutenant with the New Jersey Police Department, had been talking about what to do in their second phase of life. Their children were moving out of their home and they’d been looking for something they could do together. Pinot’s Palette seemed to be the perfect fit.

“The night she came back from that class, she and Amanda came home very excited. Teri said, ‘I found a franchise!’ And she got online and filled out the forms that same night,” says Jordan. “Very soon after, we went to Houston for Discovery Day.  We knew we had found our second phase of life.”

Popping the Cork in Manapalan

Going through the site selection phase, the family considered three area communities in which to open their franchise. “We brought it to our own community because there wasn’t anything like this here, and we thought it was the best thing for Manapalan,” explains Jordan.

Since their Pinot’s Palette location opened last November, they’re happy to say the phone has continued ringing and their circle of friends has increased exponentially.

All in the Family

Jordan says that his whole family—including their daughters Amanda and Lauren and their son Jordan—collectively made the decision to invest in the franchise. All the Maskowitzes have a specific role to play in the new family business, which opened in November of 2014.

“This has been really good for our family,” says Jordan. “We have our ups and downs, but it’s about teamwork. Teri is the studio manager. The two girls put together the calendar, handle the social media, and choose the paintings, and our son helps with the financial part of the business. Our staff meetings are pretty easy!”

Amanda Maskowitz, who’s also a fourth grade teacher at a local elementary school, says she enjoys doing the social media for her family’s franchise because she sees all the positive reviews that people post about their experiences at Pinot’s Palette. “I love to see what people post—lots of great reactions to their sessions,” she says. “When others are feeling good and post their comments, then I’m happy.”

Community Involvement

2014 was a very busy year for the family:  In addition to opening the family’s Pinot’s Palette studio, Jordan Maskowitz found himself with another important job:  Mayor.

Jordan had already served on the Manalapan Township Committee, which consists of five people. “In our township, the community elects the committee, which then appoints a mayor from among the five people. Last year, Jordan was appointed mayor of Manalapan,” says Teri. “That’s when we opened our Pinot’s Palette franchise.”

“When I was mayor, I was involved with municipal budgets, and I knew that unfortunately, the arts are what get cut from school budgets first,” Jordan says. “Our Pinot’s Palette has been able to create bonds with school and kids’ camps as well as the senior community. Everyone leaves with a great painting, saying ‘I can’t believe I did this!’ and it’s so much fun to hear that—very uplifting. There have been a lot of rewards for us to have this franchise in our community.”

Adventures and Changes

Life has changed a lot for the Maskowitz family in their first year of owning a Pinot’s Palette franchise. Still, everyone agrees that the bumps in the road have been fewer and further between because Pinot’s Palette offers so much support for new franchisees.

“We know we have found a great franchise,” he says. “They’re so great to work with—they’ve really created a family atmosphere. They’re right there to help and support us with any questions we may have—whether it’s a technical problem or helping us come up with new ways to market our franchise. Having them behind us really makes things run much more smoothly.  For us, in our second phase of life, this has worked out really well. Our family loves this business!”

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