Divine Appointment: Helotes Pinot’s Palettes Debuts

Divine Appointment: Helotes Pinot’s Palettes Debuts

Some people call their Pinot’s Palette® franchise a stroke of luck. Others attribute it to divine intervention. Jimmy and Renee Gutierrez fall into the latter category. The couple, whose Helotes, Texas studio opens in November, say they were supernaturally guided to Pinot’s Palette.

“When we first found the opportunity a year ago, it was just research and getting excited and praying about it,” Renee says. At that time, both Jimmy and Renee were entrenched in corporate jobs, and they were looking for a business opportunity that would allow one of them to step away from the corporate pace and have more flexibility for family activities.

As the parents of three children – a 16-year old daughter, 14-year old son, and 6-year old son – they also wanted to create a business in which their children could participate and even eventually take over. “We want to have something we pass on to them,” Renee says. “Jimmy’s really really big on that.”

And in the meantime, Jimmy and Renee are excited about the learning opportunities that running a family-owned business provides their children. “I think it’s really educational,” Renee says. “The older kids can see what it takes to run your own business and apply it to their high school courses. For the six-year old, he just wants to get the paint ready for guests and mop the floors.”

Jimmy helps the family maintain a spirit of fun and adventure in their entrepreneurial pursuit. “I tell Renee to keep it fun because I don’t want her to feel stressed or start thinking of this as work or a job. It’s not,” Jimmy says. “This is something that’s going to be fun for her and for us as a family. As long as she keeps that passion, it’s not work.”

Jimmy and Renee just celebrated their 20 year anniversary, and Jimmy says this is his present to his wife and family.

Jimmy’s background in construction project management and insurance combined with his business acumen mean that he’s seasoned in handling the financial aspects of owning a business. “He’s constantly reading and learning,” Renee says. “He can be the numbers guy. I just want people to have fun.”

And his business background is actually what sold Jimmy on the merits of joining an established franchise. “Doing this on our own without a franchise would be 100 times tougher,” he says. “Everything is in place for us. We just gotta open up the box and do our part.”

For their part, the couple is eager to open their studio to the public and become an established part of the community. They look forward to participating in Painting it Forward events, in which Pinot’s Palette partners with non-profit organizations and local charities. “And I love that I’ve already had so many schools reach out for donations for fundraising events,” Renee adds.

While the couple admits to having some anxiety as they approach opening day, they know that support is only a phone call to Headquarters (or a prayer) away. “We’re pretty big in having faith in everything we do,” Jimmy says. “Renee prays a lot before we make decisions, and we feel that we’ve been guided the entire time. It’s a blessing.”

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