“Franchisees Say Online Marketing Support Is Key in Selecting a Brand” – recently released an article revealing 9 out of 10 service industry franchisees said online marketing support was a key factor in choosing a franchise brand. We asked our Franchise Marketing Director, Brian Gray, to describe Pinot’s Palette online marketing support: “Online Marketing is a main staple of the Pinot’s Palette marketing mix and a key area of support that we offer our franchise owners.  It all starts with providing our partners with a best in class local customer website [...]

Valencia CA: Welcome to the team, Stephanie Sewell and Kathy Guccione!

We are excited to announce our first southern California studio, located in Valencia, California! Since getting to know Stephanie and her family earlier this year we were impressed by their passion for the concept and community involvement. Please join us in welcoming Stephanie and her mother, Kathy, to Team Pinot.  Stephanie, how did you become interested in Pinot's Palette? I have been looking for an opportunity to combine both my business acumen as well as my personal passion for many years. [...]

A Pinot’s Palette Artist Moves Home – Ashley Gardner

“One of the most rewarding parts of this experience was when I had my soft opening and all my friends and family came – it was so much fun.  Everything came together so perfectly.  It was really awesome to see everyone having a blast at something I’d worked so hard on.” The word “artist” has certain connotations:  Artists are creative types; free spirits.  They’re quirky – maybe even a little eccentric.  Artists are not, generally speaking, known for their business [...]

California’s First-Ever Pinot’s Palette Location is a Family Affair

“I’m a mom, and I know that moms need a place to go where we can be surrounded by like-minded people.  Women need that outlet – we need a place where we can go once a week or once a month and be creative and talk. ” Fabiola Ortiz has always loved art.  When she was a child growing up in New York City, she used to sketch as a hobby.  Years later, when her husband’s job took her across [...]

Beth Willis – The Queen of Paint and Sip

Beth Willis is the true Queen of Paint and Sip.  As an innovative pioneer in the wine and painting industry, Beth has shaped Pinot’s Palette into the premier paint and sip experience.  Early on in development, Beth had an eye for detail and knew what the customer truly wanted.  She was relentless in demanding that a modified painting class was just not enough, it needed to be a true fun night out experience. With over one hundred thousand painters in [...]

Seven Daily “Must Do” Small Business Tips

We asked Pinot’s Palette President, Charles Willis, to share seven things small business owners should do every single day. Check out his leadership list below. 1. See the opportunity to make something better – Everyday something happens; good, bad, or indifferent. Accept it, and use this as a perfect situation to make sure it does (or doesn’t) happen again. 2. Pinch yourself – Because you are doing what you love, but remember it is hard work to maintain success and grow. 3. [...]

Pinot’s Palette Turns 4 & Leads the Paint and Sip Industry

Today marks a special occasion in the world of Paint and Sip.  Pinot's Palette turns 4 years old today!  The picture to the right, is Beth Willis, Craig Ceccanti (me), and Charles Willis at the very first Pinot's Palette class on May 8th, 2009.  We had big plans to revolutionize the paint and wine industry by providing a new and different experience. With our mission set, "Bringing art to the masses through a fun and entertaining experience with extraordinary customer [...]

Pinot’s Palette 2009 Sing-Along makes ABC News

Charles, Beth and I opened our very first Pinot's Palette in May 2009. Remember, this was before Paint and Sip was an industry, and there were no options to drink wine and paint in a truly fun setting. We had so much passion towards making the place an incredible experience for our painters. In a few short months, Houstonians were booking classes weeks in advance. In June of 2009, we had a special class that spontaneously broke out into a [...]

Pinot’s Looks at the 10 Best Cities to Start a Business

It’s good to be on top! Entrepreneur Magazine announced the ten best locations for new business opportunities, and here at Pinot’s Palette, we couldn’t agree more. With studio locations in more than half of these markets, our studio owners are planning on riding this business tidal wave. 10. Omaha, Neb. 9. Houston, Texas – Our friendly HQ is located here, along with 3 franchise partners’ studios 8. Minneapolis, Minn. 7. Seattle, Wash. 6. Tampa, Fla. – Opening in the Tampa/St. Petersburg market, Summer 2013 5. [...]

Five Kids, a Full-Time job, and the First-Ever Pinot’s Palette Franchise

“The most common question I hear is, would I do it over again?  Would I open a Pinot’s Palette if I knew then what I know now?  The answer to that is, yes.  I would do it in a heartbeat.” Alan and Kerrie Barnard always knew that they wanted to own their own business one day – but until a little over two years ago, that dream was still fairly distant.  As it was, they had plenty to keep them [...]